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Your business name, department, or a custom message appears on the customer's mobile device each time you call, helping identify your company and increase answer rates.
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A content-rich image and personalized message appear on consumers' mobile devices to identify your business with a compelling, branded approach to help lift connect rates.
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Caller Identity: Vetted, Verified, Branded, Displayed
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Industry Collaboration Proof of Concept
A successful collaboration amongst industry leaders marks another key milestone in protecting consumers from illegal robocalls while making Caller ID even more trusted.
In support of empowering T-Mobile subscribers with more trusted information to be used in identifying wanted calls, technology companies and voice service providers including First Orion, Everbridge, iconectiv, NetNumber, Numeracle, and Twilio completed what is believed to be the first ever mobile call to combine authenticated Caller ID and Rich Call Data (RCD), powered by the STIR/SHAKEN framework and protocols, utilizing First Orion's RCD technology.
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