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Enterprise Branded Calling
Enterprise Branded Calling is an industry-leading solution that is integrated into major wireless networks with enriched content increasing contact rates with the consumers that enterprises are trying to reach. EnterpriseBranded Calling has the largest reach with 100+ million active users across 500+ devices as a partner to Tier-1US mobile operators
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  • Accurately detect robocalls and caller ID spoofing to help subscribers avoid answering unwanted and scam calls
  • Deliver calling name ID for incoming calls to your subscribers
  • Stop scammers by delivering the number’s reputation profile
  • Empower subscribers with a visual warning of suspicious callers and tools to avoid unwanted fraudulent calls
  • Provide greater trust in voice calls and protect and provide relative context to calls
  • Create a trusted and branded experience for enterprise to consumer calls
TNS addresses the evolving needs of network operators around the globe. As the industry evolves to IoT and 5Gtechnologies, TNS leads the development of solutions to help carriers navigate a host of infrastructure complexities andmaximize their network reach through the creation of unique multi-service hub solutions.



  • Delivery of name information on every call without an app to over 78 millionVerizon Wireless and MVNO customers
  • Delivery of name, logo and intent of call to 9+ million premium app Android customers of Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile and US Cellular
  • Business insights into number of calls delivered, answered, declined by user, missed and called back
  • Analysis of numbers registered follow best practices in industry and redress reputation issues
  • Reputation Monitoring provides alerts
  • Real-time provisioning API for verification of calls made by enterprise
  • Policies are available via portal 24x7
  • Enriched content is delivered to more handsets increasing revenue per impression
  • Protects aggregator and enterprise brands
  • Only authenticated calls have enhanced rich call data, brand doesn’t become a spam magnet for bad actors
  • Spoofed calls get flagged as potential spam
  • Quantifies value that enriched data brings to the calling experience
  • Ensures a smooth onboarding process for potential customers
  • Proven set of business processes utilizing best practices
  • Policy management can be individualized foreach enterprise
  • Drive efficiency with configurable workflows
Impact to contact rates
How Branded Calling Affects Call Answer Rates
Contact tracing has highlighted the importance of being able to reach Americans by phone, and yet a deluge of robocall scams is undermining the relationship that legitimate organizations have with consumers.

Brands Build Trust with Consumers

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How Branded Calling Increases Answer Rates

Consumers are 5X more likely to answer a call with brand presence than a simple phone number
*Statistics taken from nationally representative survey of 1,000 US adults commissioned by TNS in 2020
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