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Verified Calls by Google
*Verified Calls by Google is no longer accepting new customers/brands
Verified Calls by Google
Verified Calls is available on Google Pixel Phones and top Android OEM devices, or via the Phone app, downloadable on all Android phones.

The feature increases call answer rates, builds trust, and helps consumers by presenting calls from legitimate businesses with verification, branding, and call reasons. 

Businesses call millions of consumers every day, but many consumers don't answer calls unless they recognize the caller. Calls from unverified phone numbers can also cause stress as scam call rates increase.
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What are Verified Calls?
Verified Calls upgrades communication for consumers by verifying the authenticity of the calls a business makes. When Google verifies a call, we elevate the user’s experience of the call with the brand’s logo and description, as well as a verification badge and call reason. When participating businesses place calls, Verified Calls by Google establish trust by confirming the identity of the businesses in real-time so users can be confident that calls aren't spoofed. 
Regular Calls versus Verified Calls by Google
Increasing Consumer Trust
Strengthen Your Presence as a Caller
What value does Verified Calls provide?
Verified Calls by Google builds user trust in the calls you make to your customers so more of your calls are answered. Increase your marketing and call center efficiency by letting your users know it's your brand who is calling them. 

Verified Calls also provide significant brand value — the opportunity to display your branding to customers with each call that you make, as well as a call reason letting the customer know the purpose of your outreach.
Branding, Verification, Context benefits of Verified Calls by Google
Branded Calling Experience increase answer rates through Verified Calls by Google
Current Capabalities
Verified Calls by Google Reach
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  • Verified Calls is available on Pixel and top OEM Android devices or through the Phone app, downloadable on all Android Phones
  • Verified Calls is first available in the US, Mexico, Brazil, Spain and India, with more countries to come. It is available via Google’s Phone app on Android, which comes preloaded on many Android devices in these markets.
    *Note that we are continually taking steps to increase the number of eligible users.
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Proof of concept
Numeracle and Avantive Solutions Help Businesses Achieve Instant Brand Recognition with Verified Calls by Google
Customer confidence in business communications strengthened through branded calling
A collaborative success of a partner initiative between Numeracle, Avantive Solutions, and Google to enhance  customer engagement and performance of outbound business calls utilizing Verified Calls by Google.
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Verified Calls by Google Proof of Concept with Numeracle and Avantive Solutions
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