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Enhance Non-Profit Fundraising by Improving Your Calling Reputation

This case study reveals how calls originating from a Verified Identity dialing on registered phone numbers perform when compared to calls from an unknown source using unregistered phone numbers.
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Numeracle and MDS Communications Case Study

About this Study

The telephone has long been a very effective tool in direct marketing fundraising. Efforts to protect wireless subscribers from unwanted calls across the wireless carrier network have negatively impacted fundraising efforts, causing a lack of trust in incoming calls from unknown or spam-labeled phone numbers, disrupting nonprofits’ goal completion.

By establishing an organization as a Verified Identity for the purpose of legitimate business purposes across the wireless calling ecosystem, and registering phone numbers to this Verified Identity, an organization can protect the reputation of its calls from improper classification as Spam or Fraud, thus increasing the likelihood of the calls being trusted, answered, and converted to successful goal completion.

A Personal Touch

Even in today’s increasingly digital world, a one-on-one conversation with a donor can be an emotionally powerful way to communicate for non-profit organizations. But a spam or scam label can ruin your chances of making such a connection.

Impact to KPIs: Report

Compare the successes of calls before and after identity verification and spam and scam label remediation, including live connection rates, call completion rates, and gift/donation success rates.

Business Case for Identity Verification & Number Registration

Based on the success of the single calling entity featured in this case study, MDS structured projections on how Identity Verification and Number Registration across a wider cross-section of its supported client base may translate into additional revenue for the business.

Protect & Improve Calls

See why this approach to protecting fundraising call campaigns is the only way to boost donor trust by effectively removing the barriers preventing you from connecting and establishing positive relationships.
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