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"Revolutionizing Retail Communications" A Whitepaper by Numeracle
Retail whitepaper
Revolutionizing Retail Communications

How focusing on the delivery and presentation of  phone calls allows retailers to revolutionize customer experience and engagement, make staffing easy in preparation for the holiday season, and enhance brand identity in a way competitors aren’t.

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Remediation Case Study Thumbnail
Remediation Case Study
Removing Scam and Spam Labels' Impact to Call Delivery

We analyzed monthly and yearly status reports of phone numbers registered with our Identity Management Platform and the number of successful remediations conducted in 2021 and 2022 for comparison to contact rates before and after improving number reputation with our remediation services.

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Cover page thumbnail of the branded calling case study
Partner Case Study
Branded Calling Using Rich Call Data (RCD)

Partnering with Avantive Solutions, this case study highlights the benefits of adding rich call data to branded calling campaigns.

Numeracle Client Case Study
Client Case Study
Numeracle Client Case Study

With support of one of our BPO partners, we measure live connect rates of 3 clients 90 days pre- & post- Verified Identity™ certification and phone number registration.

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Combatting the emergence of call blocking and labeling technologies Case Study
Case Study
Best Dialing Practices & Call Labeling Mitigation to Improve Telesales KPIs

We demonstrate the need for actionable data for preserving the use of the voice channel. Best dialing practices were added to call labeling mitigation to improve sales per hour by 33%.

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Collections Benchmark Report
Client Case Study
Collections Industry Caller Reputation Benchmark Report

With participation from 5 CRC member collection agencies, we provide statistics on the average percentage of phone numbers labeled as 'Scam' and 'Spam' by call labeling analytics.

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MDC Case Study
Partner Case Study
Non-Profit Fundraising with Call Reputation

Partnering with MDS Communications, this case study showcases how fundraising campaigns can increase connect and response rates through Verified Identify & Phone Number Reputation.

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Call Labeling Whitepaper
Industry White Paper
Understanding Call Blocking and Labeling

An overview of call blocking and labeling's impact to call centers and legal call originators who use the voice channel to engage in customer communications.

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Dialing Practices Whitepaper thumbnail
Industry White Paper
Building a Successful Customer-Centric Outreach Strategy

Discover which dialing practices to avoid in order to protect your calls from improper call labeling events and how to elevate your dialing strategy with an end-to-end outreach strategy utilizing Verified Identity status and reputation management.

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Numeracle and YouMail Protective Services Collaborative Whitepaper - "Protecting Communications from Identity Spoofing" cover page image
Partner Whitepaper
Protecting Communications from Identity Spoofing

Partnering with YouMail Protective Services, this industry whitepaper interprets the potential consumer harm caused by illegal call and brand spoofing and how to solve for it.

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KYC Blocks on a stack of paper
Implementation Guide
Model Standards for Know Your Customer (KYC)

Our Know Your Customer (KYC) guide provides a framework for communications service providers and communicating end entities to consider when adopting internal standards for reasonable KYC review.

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Numeracle's Call Record Review for KYC and Fraud Mitigation whitepaper cover
Call Record Review for KYC and Fraud Mitigation

This whitepaper outlines how and when analysis of call records may be used for a Know Your Customer (KYC) or fraud mitigation program to identify & mitigate high-volume call campaigns potentially seeking to defraud call recipients.

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KYC Guide Title Page
Resource Guide
KYC Fundamentals for Communications Service Providers

This guide is intended to assist communications service providers developing the processes and procedures to know their customers and conduct meaningful customer due diligence.

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