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Implementation framework & guide

Model Standards for Know Your Customer

Our KYC guide provides a framework for communications service providers and end-entities to consider when adopting internal standards for reasonable KYC review.
KYC Building Blocks - Numeracle

About this Guide

The purpose of this guide is to provide a framework for communications service providers to consider when adopting internal standards for reasonable Know Your Customer (KYC) review.

The framework includes KYC review of both:
1) Communicating end entities: A legal entity whose employees directly initiate or receive communications on their own behalf or via BPOs
2) Communications service providers: A legal entity whose products or services enable other businesses to initiate or receive communications.

KYC Policy & Procedures

Designate KYC policy compliance duties, including implementation and updates, monitoring policy compliance, and employee training.

Pre-Activation Requirements

Collect customer data to validate against authoritative sources for accuracy, the customers' intended use of services, and Due Diligence practices.

Post-Activation Requirements

Determine how customer accounts and activity will be monitored for potentially unusual or suspicious usage and how/when to conduct deeper KYC reviews.
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