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Numeracle SolutionsEnterprise & BPO Solutions Package
Step 1

Verified Identity

Get the Green Checkmark
We start with a compliance-based certification process to vet and validate enterprises and the phone numbers you use to protect your brand identity within the communications ecosystem and verify you as a legal caller.
  • Ensure that you and you alone are registering phone numbers to your brand name
  • Comply with STIR/SHAKEN call authentication with a Verified Identity status to facilitate call signing
Verified identity solutions
Call Labeling Visibility and Number Reputation Management
Step 2

Labeling Visibility

Register Numbers and Mitigate Spam Labels
Register the phone numbers you use to improve Phone Number Reputation and maintain insight into how your numbers are potentially being labeled. Use this pathway to correct improper labeling, adjust your dialing practices, update or swap numbers, and monitor your number hygiene across all calling campaigns.
  • Prevent your calls from being blocked by default across the wireless carrier ecosystem
  • Remove and prevent "Scam," "Scam Likely," and "Fraud" labels from association with your phone numbers and maintain ongoing visibility through monthly health check summaries
  • Numeracle is the first in providing an aggregated technology platform to summarize and report on changes to phone number labeling and risk ratings across the call delivery ecosystem
Number Reputation solutions
Step 3

Branded Calling

Caller ID to Strengthen your Presence and Reach
As Rich Call Data (RCD) solutions continue to roll out, help your customers instantly recognize your incoming calls by adding branded assets to calling campaigns by extending caller ID name, a branded logo, and a custom call reason.
  • Enhance customer experience and elevate your presence by providing instant recognition of your brand
  • Improve your contact rates, engagement, and callbacks when your customers know who is calling
  • Extend branded calling efforts across Numeracle's branded calling partner network
Branded calling solutions
Take control of your identity and your brand.
No more scam labels associated with your name.
We're putting you back in the driver seat to control your calls.
Increase your contact rates and lift engagement levels.
Customers will answer your calls when they know they can trust who is calling. Give them that trust and watch your conversion rates soar.
One dedicated location to manage and monitor it all.
A streamlined one-stop-shop for you to manage your identity, numbers, and branded assets for each calling campaign.
Elevate your brand presence and have your voice heard.
With branded assets added onto your call, create instant recognition of your company and strengthen the presence of your brand each time you call.
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