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Entity Identity ManagementTM to empower communications
Offering a single point of visibility and control in the calling ecosystem through our Entity Identity ManagementTM Platform, Numeracle supplies actionable solutions for call originators who seek to verify their status as a legal caller, respond to the improper blocking and labeling of their calls, and attach rich call data elements, such as a name and logo, to Smart BrandedTM calling campaigns.

With STIR/SHAKEN rolled out, Numeracle provides Know Your Customer-based local policy solutions to properly vet entities and elevate enterprise calls to higher attestation levels, improving contact rates and restoring trust in omnichannel communications.
Timeline between 2018-present with the history of Numeracle and the context of it's founding.

Our role in the industry

To establish trust in customer communications based on integrity, transparency, and accountability.

To build the framework and technology that provides a foundation of trust in customer communications by enabling a transparent flow of information from origination to destination.

thought leadership
We provide leadership to prominent industry associations like the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA), the American Bankers Association, the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA), insideARM's Consumer Relations Consortium, ACA International, GLEIF, and on the Forbes Technology Council.

We actively participate in many industry working groups like the IP-NNI Task Force by ATIS (co-authors of SHAKEN) and the USTelecom Working Group.

We will continue to provide evidence of the harm caused by the improper blocking and labeling calls to industry and government, in the form of FCC comments, and more.

Our Founder & CEO advocates on behalf of consumers and enterprises as the Co-founder and as Chair of the Enterprise Communications Advocacy Coalition (ECAC).
We are the first solution to define and solve how the industry has responded to the problem of improper call labeling and the lack of trust in voice communications.  

We've been here since this problem originated, and we'll be here until it's solved.
We work with all the top wireless carriers, analytics companies, and call blocking and labeling apps to give you the widest reach, visibility, flexibility, and control across the major stakeholders who have an effect on the way your calls are being presented to consumers.  

We help you improve the accuracy of your call presentation and reach your called parties across the entire network.  
We advocate on behalf of legal callers everywhere, whether you work in safety and security, financial, healthcare, utilities, consumer goods, and more, we have laid the foundation for wanted and legal calls to remain trusted

If you're an outbound caller or call originator, we've got you covered.
Our people

Numeracle Leadership

Rebekah Johnson; Founder & CEO of Numeracle (headshot)
Founder & CEO
Anis Jaffer, Numeracle's Chief Product Officer (headshot)
Chief Product Officer
Scott Sehon, Numeracle CFO and COO, headshot
chief financial officer
Keith Buell; Numeracle's General Counsel & Head of Global Public Policy; Headshot
General Counsel and Head of Global Public Policy
Sarah Delphey, VP of Trust Solutions, headshot
VP Trust Solutions
Joe Galvin, VP of Client Engagement, headshot
VP Client Engagement
Molly Weis, VP of Marketing & Communications, headshot
VP Marketing & Comms
Alexander Carter, VP Business Development, headshot
VP Business Development
Susana Kelly, Numeracle Office Administrator, headshot
Office administrator
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"Numeracle is a US-based startup creating Critical Calls Registry – a list of reliable organizations. It is designed for verification of callers to ensure critical communications are not improperly blocked or labeled during the COVID-19 pandemic."
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