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Numeracle's Entity Identity Management platform empowers legal, wanted communications

Since early 2017, Numeracle has focused on raising awareness and creating solutions to address the unintended consequences resulting from the FCC Robocall Strike Force and subsequent introduction of call blocking and labeling technologies to the market. These initiatives were intended to stop fraudulent actors from delivering annoying, illegal and unwanted calls to consumers, but resulted in the unintended drop in contact rates for legal call originators around the world.

By working together with the top carriers (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile), analytics companies, and the developers of call blocking and labeling apps, we are able to provide visibility and control across the major stakeholders who have an effect on the way your calls are being presented to consumers to improve the accuracy of your call presentation.

By advocating on behalf of legal callers in the safety, security, financial, healthcare, utility, consumer goods, market research industries, and more, we are laying the foundation for wanted and critical calls to remain trusted in the call delivery ecosystem.


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Thought Leadership
Numeracle is a DC-based technology company whose vision is to establish trust in customer communications based on integrity, transparency, and accountability.
Our mission is to build the framework and technology that provides a foundation of trust in customer communications by enabling transparent flow of information from origination to destination.
Numeracle provides thought leadership to prominent industry associations including CTIA, ARDA, American Bankers Association, ACA International, and insideARM's Consumer Relations Consortium.

Industry Leadership


We provide leadership to the IP-NNI Task Force (co-authors of SHAKEN), USTelecom Working Group, PACE Communication Protection Coalition, and to our strategic business partners.
Numeracle will continue to provide evidence of the harm caused by the improper blocking and labeling calls to industry and government, in the form of FCC comments, and more.
Solving the problem of improper call blocking and labeling and lack of trust in voice communications is our focus and purpose. We've been here since this problem originated and we'll be here until it is solved.
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Rebekah Johnson
Founder & CEO
Peter Licata
Anis Jaffer
Chief Product Officer
Joe Galvin
VP, Client Engagement
Molly Weis
VP, Marketing & Communications
Susana Kelly
Office Administrator
Natalie Laferriere
Senior Success Manager
Mary Gonzalez
Marketing Coordinator
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