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STIR/SHAKEN Knowledge Center
STIR/SHAKEN FAQ Packet Cover Page

All about the STIR/SHAKEN protocol, what it is, what it means for call delivery, and what it means for call center operations today and in the future. Includes videos  FAQs about call authentication & more.

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Call Labeling Industry White Paper
Call Labeling Whitepaper

This white paper provides an overview of call blocking and labeling and its impact to call centers and legal call originators who use the voice channel to engage in ongoing customer communications.

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Branded Calling Solution One-Page Overview
Branded Calling One-Page Overview by Numeracle

This overview highlights the benefits of implementing a branded calling solution. Elevate your calls from negative, to unknown, to instantly recognition.

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Numeracle Client Case Study
Numeracle Client Case Study

With the support of one of our BPO partners, we measured the live connect rates of three clients 90 days pre- and post- Numeracle's Verified Identity™ certification and phone number registration.

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Call Blocking, Labeling & Caller ID Across Wireless Carriers
Call Display Matrix

This matrix compares automatic call blocking, the differences in call labeling categories and display, caller ID name presentation, and more, across the top 4 wireless carriers.

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Best Dialing Practices and Call Labeling Mitigation to Improve Telesales KPIs
Numeracle Case Study

In this case study, we demonstrate the need for actionable data to build a case for preserving the use of the voice channel for a telesales organization. Best dialing practices were added to call labeling mitigation to improve sales per hour by 33%.

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Collections Industry Caller Reputation Benchmark Report
Collections Benchmark Report

With participation from five CRC member collection agencies, we provide statistics on the average percentage of phone numbers labeled in the Scam and Spam category by call labeling analytics.

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Numeracle One-Page Overview
Numeracle One Page Company Overview 2021

High-level introduction to Numeracle, who we are, our solutions, our advocacy within the industry, our ecosystem partners, and our mission to return trust to customer communications.

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Certification & Registration Overview
Certification & Registration

High-level overview of Numeracle's Verified Identity certification, phone number registration, and ongoing monitoring and tracking of phone number labeling data via the Numeracle online portal.

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