Verified Identity™
Compliance-based know your customer process to validate the legitimacy of your calling identity and establish trust in your brand
Pioneering Identity Vetting Solutions
for a Network We Can Trust
Numeracle Pioneered Identity vetting solutions for a network we can all trust

Pioneered by numeracle,
this solution exists to protect your identity
within the communications ecosystem.

The improper blocking and labeling of legitimate calls as ‘Scam’ or ‘Fraud’ has impacted organizations’ ability to connect with consumers via phone. Legal callers have seen an average of 30% decline in contact rates since these call labeling technologies have been introduced into the market in 2017.

By working together with the top U.S. carriers, analytics companies, the developers of call blocking and labeling apps, and device manufacturers, Numeracle pioneered a solution that provides visibility and control to improve the presentation of your calls and prevent the improper blocking of your calls. It all starts with your Identity.
Certification of Identity
Achieve Verified Identity™ Status
Establish your organization as Verified Identity™ by completing this compliance-based certification process to vet and validate your identity as associated with your phone numbers for the purpose of communicating with consumers.


Control your brand identity
Protect your calling identity to ensure that you and you alone are registering phone numbers to your brand name.
We have developed this essential Know Your Customer (KYC) process to make sure NO other unauthorized organizations or individuals are able to register phone numbers in your name for their own use.
Already in Compliance
Numeracle was ready for STIR/SHAKEN
By establishing your status as a Verified Identity, not only are we providing a solution to protect number reputation in today’s call blocking/labeling analytics, but we are partnering with service and platform providers to vet and verify your identity for STIR/SHAKEN.

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vetting and validation
Numeracle's Know Your Customer (KYC) process vets and verifies your status as a legal calling entity to improve communications delivery.
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