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Stay STIR/SHAKEN Compliant with A Verified Call Identity

Verified Identity
Join the trust ecosystem and verify your calling identity to protect and advocate on behalf of the use of your phone numbers and attached vetted caller information.
Verified Identity by Numeracle

How to fix declining contact rates

It all starts with Identity

Since call blocking and labeling technologies were introduced in 2018, improper blocking and labeling of legitimate business calls such as Scam or Fraud have impacted organizations’ ability to connect with consumers via phone, resulting in lower contact rates and frustrated callers.

Want to fix that? It all starts with your Identity.

Join The Trust Ecosystem

We've pioneered the only end-to-end solution  centered on identity management, giving you the power to manage your call identity.

A Verified Identity is the foundation for protecting your calling identity and increasing your contact rates

Decline in
Contact Rates
Numeracle Definition
Verified Identity
The status of an entity that has completed a Know Your Customer-based assessment to decisively conclude that the entity has been vetted and validated to be who they say they are.

Pioneered by Numeracle, this solution exists to protect your identity in the communications ecosystem.

Certification of Identity for STIR/SHAKEN Compliance

Achieve Verified Identity™ Status with our KYC PRocess

Protect your calling identity to ensure that you and you alone are registering phone numbers to your brand name.

Our compliance-based certification process vets and validates your identity and associates it with the phone numbers you use in your outbound dialing.

We have developed this essential Know Your Customer (KYC) process to make sure NO other unauthorized organizations or individuals are able to register phone numbers in your name for their own use.

The essential first step

Verifying your identity is the foundation for creating long-lasting successful number and brand reputation

After you vet who you are we can protect your phone numbers and your branded assets for branded calling

2 phones, one with identity verification, the other with numbering keypad

Establishing Trust Since 2018

Since 2018, we've been driving identity forward to reestablish trust in communications. Numeracle was the first to discover and solve for identity management to protect business communications.

We have helped define how the industry has responded to illegal robocalling as the creators of identity vetting and verification frameworks that reestablish trust in your identity and brand.
Industry Pioneers

Members of our team are industry experts who sit on various FCC level Working Groups and Task Forces to advocate for your needs

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We're always partnering with more solution providers and all the major wireless carriers to ensure you have the widest reach and the loudest voice

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Why Start with Identity

Businesses are largely unaware of how their calling identity is being transmitted, displayed, and understood by their own consumers and clients.

Quick fixes just won't cut it. The only way to ensure you calls can be trusted is through and end-to-end Identity Management Solution that gives you the control and consistency to define how their calls are displayed across the wireless calling ecosystem. That's us.
Identity Displayed with Trust and COnfidence

Certification of Status

Claiming the legitimacy of your calling identity ensures that you and you alone are registering phone numbers to your brand name.

Let potential clients and customers know that you are part of the industry solution to elevate caller identity and reinstate trust into the network. Join innovators in the industry who care about the protection of caller identity and receive a certification of your authenticated identity.
Join The Trust Ecosystem

Associate your Verified Identity™ to your registered phone numbers prevent default blocking at the carrier level

Use your Verified Identity™ certification to join the solution providers and enterprises pioneering identity management solutions

Already in Compliance

We believe in our mission, so we created this solution to help solve a problem for the market. We not only provide a solution to protect number reputation but we also partner with service & platform providers to vet and verify your identity for STIR/SHAKEN.

Whether you're a service provider keeping bad actors off the network or enterprise aiming to communicate with transparency you can give consumers trust in who is calling them.

Due Diligence

Our partnership with Aegis Mobile provides KYC-based entity vetting and verification for carriers and service providers to elevate enterprise calls to A-Level Attestation

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Our CEO & Founder participates in the IP-NNI Task Force, the task force that co-authored the SHAKEN standard, as the Voice of the Enterprise caller

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this is right for me?

Verified Identity is the gateway to protecting your communications and your calling identity as part of an end-to-end identity management solution. Numeracle acts as a partner to you once you verify your identity so that we can  remediate spam labels on your behalf at the highest success rates.
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Why do I have to verify my identity first? Can't I just register my numbers?

The purpose of establishing a business’ status as a Verified Identity is multi-layered. It enables us to distribute this status to the wireless network to remove 'Scam' or 'Fraud' classifications of phone numbers within the call blocking and labeling ecosystem by proving your legitimacy (setting you apart from the fraudulent bad actors).

Without this crucial first step, you risk having your calls mislabeled and blocked with more frequency. Phone numbers can also carry reputation baggage from previous owners; if you change your phone numbers frequently, this is particularly relevant.

Will Numeracle’s Platform take care of STIR/SHAKEN certification for me?

STIR/SHAKEN call signing is the responsibility of your originating service provider(s). While the Platform itself does not ‘attest’ or ‘sign’ calls, it can be used by service and platform providers to implement a local policy solution to manage the verification of calling identity and the authorization of phone numbers in order to elevate an enterprise brand into the STIR/SHAKEN framework.

What does "calls with a checkmark have been verified by the carrier" mean?

Calls that display a checkmark at the time of call or in the call history log represent the establishment of the caller as a legal and verified calling party confirmed via STIR/SHAKEN. The identity of the caller has been vetted and validated and you can trust that the caller is who they say they are and the number hasn't been illegally spoofed.

What if I represent more than one calling identity? How does that work?

If you're calling on behalf of multiple brands, we'll help you verify all of them to ensure the numbers associated with each brand aren't in danger of negative call reputation.

Any time you control or manage outbound calling operations for various entities, a good rule of thumb is to assign phone numbers exclusively per entity and not share numbers across various brands in such a way that one phone number is utilized by Hospital ABC, Collector 123, and Insurance XYZ concurrently. Once your brands' identities have been verified, we'll be able to provide that ongoing visibility into the health of numbers per organization they're associated with.

How does Numeracle price services?

Pricing for Identify Verification and Number Reputation starts with us gaining an understanding into your calling structure. How many entities/brands do you represent, how many numbers do you use, etc.

To learn more about pricing for branded calling capabilities, reach out to start a conversation!
It starts with an insight
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