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Number Reputation

Don't let spam, scam, or fraud labels misrepresent you. Learn why your calls may be improperly labeled or blocked, and what you can do about it.

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Got a Bad Reputation?

If you have ever received a call on your cell phone labeled Fraud, Scam, or Spam, you’ve experienced call labeling technologies in action.
Call labeling technologies were introduced in 2017 to address the problem of illegal calls and robocalls defrauding consumers.
These technologies assign a reputation to calls, displaying labels such as Scam, Fraud, or Spam on an incoming call screen.
Calls categorized as Scam or Fraud can also be blocked at the network level, based on this reputational scoring.
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impact to communications

Factors of Call Blocking & Labeling

Dialing Practices
Dialing Practices
Aggressive dialing practices may lead to customer complaints, algorithmic call labeling, or network blocking.
STIR/SHAKEN call blocking and labeling
STIR/SHAKEN authenticates a call's origination/source but does not determine a number's calling reputation.
Reputational Analytics
Reputational Analytics
Reputational analytics use algorithms to display labels as a call terminates on a called party’s mobile device.
Call labeling and robocall mitigation history

State of the Industry

Call blocking and labeling technologies, or reasonable analytics, are introduced to address the problem of a growing number of illegal calls defrauding consumers.

These technologies assign a reputation to calls, displaying labels such as ‘Scam,’ ‘Fraud’ or ‘Spam’ on an incoming call screen.
January 2018
Numeracle gets involved as the voice of the enterprise, protecting legal and wanted communications by remediating call blocking and labeling issues through our Verified Identity and Number Reputation solutions.
December 2020
Illegal robocall traffic continues to grow despite call blocking and labeling technologies and begins to harm legal communications who are being mislabeled.

The FCC publishes the TRACED Act to require the implementation of an identity authentication framework (STIR/SHAKEN) to reduce the amount of illegal robocalls by verifying the identity of the caller and prevent call spoofing.

But, the gap in STIR/SHAKEN does not weigh in, in any way, on a call's reputation, with analytics still impacting number reputation, regardless of implementation.
June - September 2021
FCC mandates two deadlines to implement the STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication framework across the carrier network, tracking progress or intent to file in the Robocall Mitigation Database.
The second deadline was a deadline to hereafter mark the beginning of widespread call blocking.
Restoring Number Reputation

Remediating > Monitoring

the benefits
  • A proactive approach to addressing call labeling algorithms to re-establish trust in your calling identity with ongoing visibility and control
  • Gain access to an approved process of labeling appeals that reaches the all the top wireless carriers and reputational analytics providers
active Management


Few providers offer a number reputation management strategy that delivers a solution to improve and correct negative reputation continuously. There's only one solution provider offering reputation remediation as part of an end-to-end identity management solution, giving enterprises the control and consistency to define how their calls display across the wireless calling ecosystem. That's us.
the use case
Voluntarily disclose your identity to be vetted to establish trust in your calling operations. Your Verified Identity status improves your reputation to prevent default call blocking.
Engage in ongoing remediation to correct numbers labeled as Spam as the reputational analytics change and evolve to keep your numbers clean so you may continue to dial uninterrupted.
Remediation Statistics with Numeracle's Number Reputation
Do free phone number registry solutions offer number remediation?
passive Management


These solutions often provide updates to phone numbers that become labeled across various sources but can’t provide a path to correct reputation that’s been identified as negative.
Enterprises must review the monitoring data and them make choices on what to do about the numbers that have been flagged, often disrupting the flow of day to day operations.
the use case
When numbers become labeled, monitoring solution providers often recommend numbers are swapped, rested, replaced, or dialing strategies on these numbers adjusted.
Unprotected numbers can become labeled almost as quickly as they go into circulation.
The Difficulty
  • Number swapping is an endless cycle to get around labeling, losing time & resources in the perpetual revolving door of negative reputation
  • New numbers can inherit reputational ‘baggage’ from whoever was using them last and doesn't guarantee solving a call's reputation
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