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Numeracle for GATEWAY PROVIDERS: How the solution works
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the FCC is Considering New Rules to Combat International Scam Robocalls...
The new rules, if adopted at the upcoming FCC May Open Meeting, would require gateway providers to participate in robocall mitigation, including blocking efforts, take responsibility for illegal robocall campaigns on their networks, cooperate with FCC enforcement efforts, and quickly respond to efforts to trace illegal robocalls to their source.
review the proposed rules
Step 1

Verify Entity Identity

KYC-Based Vetting of Entities on Your Network
Deploy Numeracle's compliance-based certification process to vet and validate the entities communicating across your network.
  • Close the avenues by which robocall scammers are using gateway providers to circumvent accountability and reach American consumers
  • With a Verified Identity status in place, trust you are facilitating only clean traffic on your network
Verified Identity Solutions
Labeling Visibility Insight through Numeracle platform to mitigate spam, protect number reputation, and monitor number hygiene
Step 2

Labeling Visibility

Number Registration & Reputation
TN phone number authorization is built into our platform to give you the ability to verify that the numbers entering your network are authorized to be passed along and be appropriately displayed to the called party.

Use this pathway to correct improper labeling on behalf of the entities utilizing your network and improve number hygiene.
  • Prevent calls from being blocked by default across the wireless carrier ecosystem
  • Remove and prevent "Scam," "Scam Likely," and "Fraud" labels from association with Verified entities' phone numbers
  • Confirm authorized relationship between identity and TN usage for the purpose of tracebacks
Number Reputation Solutions
Step 3

STIR/SHAKEN Local Policies

Ongoing Due Diligence in One Platform
Comply with the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication framework standards, new regulations impacting gateway providers, and ongoing requirements of Robocall Mitigation Plans, as mandated by the FCC.

Our solution fills the gap to implement a local policy solution and addresses the ability to elevate the calls you originate to higher levels of attestation and keep detailed records of entity vetting should you be called upon by the Industry Traceback Group.
  • Obtain the ability and control to verify the identity and phone numbers of the enterprises and callers you represent
  • Enable your ability to elevate the enterprise caller through STIR/SHAKEN anc comply with FCC regulations
  • Elevate B or C Attested calls to A-Level Attested calls through a comprehensive KYC process
  • Fulfill ongoing Robocall Mitigation and anti-spoofing regulations at the federal level
Stir/shaken Solutions
Step 4

Branded Presence

Extend Branded Presence
As Rich Call Data (RCD) solutions continue to gain traction across the wireless ecosystem, we offer a single platform to vet, verify, and distribute branded assets across the major wireless providers.
  • Enhance customer experience and callbacks for the entities utilizing your network
  • Streamline the collection and validation of branded assets (RCD) for the deployment of branded calling across multiple platforms or partner networks
  • Assign and authenticate branded assets to client calls, managed via the Numeracle platform
Branded Calling Solutions
Provide an end-to-end solution for enterprises on your network.
From origination to termination,
ensure the best calling experience for the entities traversing your network.
Flexible API integration to streamline data push & pull across platforms.
Ability to white label the Entity Identity Management platform for integration within existing dashboards, or integration of branding.
One dedicated location to manage and monitor it all.
Have call reputation management, verified caller ID via STIR/SHAKEN, and branded calling presence all managed through one platform solution
Elevate your brand presence and lift contact rates.
When your customer succeed, you succeed. Increase contact rates and engagement levels to propel your company farther.
It starts with an insight
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