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Removing Scam and Spam Labels' Impact to Call Delivery

This Case Study demonstrates how ongoing remediation helps maintain healthy number reputation, impact contact rates, and improve overall call delivery and brand reputation.
Image - Numeracle's Remediation Case study

About this Study

Are your contact rates being impacted by incorrect Spam of Fraud labels?

Our analysis of phone numbers across multiple industries identified an average of 25% of a business's numbers are at risk for improper call labeling like Spam, Scam, or Fraud, resulting in lost business, productivity, and customer satisfaction equal to millions in financial loss.

This case study analyzes monthly and yearly status reports of phone numbers registered with our Identity Management Platform and the number of successful remediations conducted in 2021 and 2022 for comparison to contact rates before and after improving number reputation with our remediation services.

Nothing Else Matters If They Don't Answer

The phone rings, and your called party has a few seconds to decide whether to answer. The appearance of a negative call label drastically diminishes the likelihood of a live pick-up, and call blocking at the network level further reduces that likelihood down to 0%.

Impact to KPIs: Report

Compare the successes of calls before and after spam and scam labels were remediated, including the % of remediations relative to phone numbers registered, success rates, average days to resolve labeling, and impact to contact rates.

Remediation vs. Monitoring

See why simply monitoring the status of your numbers or your calls isn't enough to protect your reputation or increase confidence in your calls.

Protect & Improve Calls

See why Remediation capabilities are the only way to boost customer trust by effectively removing the barriers preventing you from connecting.
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