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Know Your Customer (KYC) Resources

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Know Your Customer (KYC)
Numeracle is the leader in bringing KYC to communications, and we're here to help you implement KYC on your networks.
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KYC History & Meaning

What Is Know Your Customer (KYC)?

What It means
  • As it relates to telecom, KYC refers to the processes and policies used by a communications service provider to evaluate the identity and communication intent of its customer.
Where it comes from
  • The term Know Your Customer originated in banking regulations, but many different industries now use KYC to describe the due diligence companies do to learn about their customers.
At The Forefront of Telecom Regulation. Standard, and Solution

Numeracle Has Pioneered KYC in Telecom

January 2018

In her first month of Numeracle, Rebekah Johnson presents KYC to the Communication Protection Coalition (created with PACE)

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July 2018

Verizon publishes KYC in a comment to the FCC (First use by a carrier)

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July 2018

6 days later, the second use of KYC by Numeracle in comments filed to the FCC in the matter of Advanced Methods to Target and Eliminate Unlawful Robocalls

January 2019

Numeracle’s KYC-based Entity Identity ManagementTM platform is deployed in its first use case by a CPaaS provider to vet, verify, and protect the communications of the identities on its platform.

July 2019

Numeracle’s KYC framework deployed across a Global Data Services platform to identify trusted callers in support of industry-wide call authentication efforts to reduce fraud on the network.

May 2020

Numeracle publishes an article to educate on how introducing a KYC methodology to STIR/SHAKEN is used to define attestation levels

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October 2020

Numeracle’s Rebekah Johnson and Finvi (previously Fonative) discuss the landmark FTC order setting a new precedent for KYC and due diligence in telecommunications on the “Know Your Customer Podcast”

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July 2021

Numeracle and Aegis Mobile host STIR/SHAKEN Virtual Summit Webinar: KYC’s role in shaping ongoing due diligence in support of robocall mitigation requirements

February 2022

Numeracle’s Rebekah Johnson and financial industry fraud investigator, Sam Fadel, discuss lessons learned in the financial industry that can be used in telecom to apply KYC to prevent fraud

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August 2022

Sarah Delphey joins Numeracle as VP of Trust Solutions to enhance KYC toolsets and expand awareness of repeatable policies and procedures to the market

press release
September 2022

Numeracle releases a KYC Fundamentals Guide to assist service providers in developing procedures to know their customers and conduct meaningful customer due diligence

October 2022

Numeracle hosts a panel discussion with Avantive Solutions on Establishing Trust in a Phone Call with KYC Fundamentals for Telecom at the 2022 SIP Forum STIR/SHAKEN Enterprise Summit

press release
September 2022

Numeracle releases KYC Model Standards Guide to assist service providers in developing procedures to know their customers and conduct meaningful customer due diligence

May 2023

Numeracle delivers a Master Class on elevating identity with KYC

June 2023

Numeracle presents Bringing Purpose to STIR/SHAKEN Through Identity With KYC at the SIP Forum Virtual KYC Summit, with participation from Bandwidth and State AG’s Office

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Pioneering KYC+EIM for Communications

Numeracle's stance on Know Your Customer hasn't wavered since day 1

The Need for KYC

Know Your Customer is one of the primary ways that a voice Service provider can avoid taking traffic that may get them in enforcement trouble. It’s simplistic, but a good KYC policy is whatever keeps bad traffic off your network.
“If you want to play in this particular industry, there is a responsibility that comes with it, just like being a doctor or being a lawyer.

There are certain fields in certain industries where there is a moral, and ethical responsibility, and think telecom is there now. We have to bring KYC into this industry.”

— Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle
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Entity Identity Management for KYC

At the core of the Know Your Customer process lies the identification of potential risks and red flags associated with onboarding and maintaining service to customers. Deploying an Entity Identity ManagementTM platform has emerged as a practical and efficient tool for KYC.

From the first engagement with a prospective customer, an EIM platform can be utilized to efficiently collect, verify, and authenticate customer information, ensuring accurate risk evaluation prior to onboarding.
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Dirty Traffic, heavy fines
"Know Your Customer principles should be at the forefront of all communications service providers' business practices."

Carrying bad actor traffic due to poor Know Your Customer practices can result in heavy fines, investigations, and blocked traffic.

Numeracle Guides & Whitepapers
Demonstrating that KYC is Implementable

The good news is that you can implement Know Your Customer for your business or on behalf of those you represent, as long as you also define and uphold the mechanisms and processes you set out to meet KYC requirements. It's never too late to start, but it isn't enough to set it and forget it. Ensure you're conducting the necessary due diligence to follow your KYC procedures.

Pioneers & Trailblazers
Numeracle's Team of KYC Experts
Rebekah Johnson; Founder & CEO of Numeracle (headshot)
Founder & CEO

As the leader who brought Know Your Customer to communications, Rebekah has advocated for KYC on all fronts while simultaneously creating a KYC-compliant platform for Numeracle's customers and legal callers to protect calling identities.

Sarah Delphey, VP of Trust Solutions, headshot
Sarah Delphey
VP of Trust Solutions

With 10+ years of experience in risk mitigation and policy creation, Sarah is an industry expert in trust solutions and KYC. Her work in support of the delivery of compliant traffic to minimize scam/spam illegal traffic and efforts to build trusted voice solutions give her the expertise to recommend KYC best practices for identity vetting and call authentication.

Keith Buell; Numeracle's General Counsel & Head of Global Public Policy; Headshot
General Counsel & Head of Global Public Policy

As a leading telecom attorney and robocall policy expert, Keith focuses on ensuring the regulatory environment understands the threat to legal communications posed by the fight against illegal robocalls, recognizing the need for KYC and Know Your Upstream Provider processes.

Thought Leadership & Resources
Thoughts from the SIP Forum KYC Summit

Numeracle leadership hosted an expert panel at the 2023 KYC Summit hosted by the SIP Forum to discuss the practicalities of deploying a KYC framework in telecommunications to bring purpose to the STIR/SHAKEN protocol.

Our key mission? To share how very doable, possible, and necessary it is to deploy a KYC framework within your organization to vet and verify the identities of each and every entity utilizing the network.

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