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Join us on Tuesday Talks every other Tuesday at 3:00 - 3:30 pm EST to discuss relevant topics related to call delivery, STIR/SHAKEN, caller ID technology, TRACED Act, brand identity, and so much more.

This series will be hosted by Numeracle's Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, and Anis Jaffer, Chief Product Officer, with cameos by special guest hosts throughout the weeks.

Headshot Rebekah Johnson for podcast

Rebekah Johnson

Founder and CEO of Numeracle
Rebekah an industry leading expert with over ten years of regulatory government and compliance experience. She is an active member of the FCC Hospital Robocall Protection Group, Chair of the Enterprise Communications Advocacy Coalition, and also represents the voice of the enterprise through her leadership on the ATIS IP-NNI Task Force, co-author of the SHAKEN standards. Prior to founding Numeracle, Rebekah served on the FCC’s Robocall Strike Force on behalf of the Empowering Consumer Choice Working Group.
Headshot Anis Jaffer

Anis Jaffer

Chief Product officer
Anis has over twenty years of experience in enterprise communications, building and launching several software-as-a-service products and solutions. As an engineer, Anis joined Lucent’s Bell Laboratories in the development of voice communications platforms, working internationally. Through his participation on the ATIS IP-NNI Task Force, Anis’s efforts are focused to evaluate new technologies and build innovative products that restore trust in communications.
Our upcoming session

RCD: Utilizing Rich Call Data to Present Brand Identity

July 27, 2021 3:00 PM
RCD: Utilizing Rich Call Data to Present Brand Identity

Chief Product Officer, Anis Jaffer, will be joined by Frank Pettinato, CEO of Avantive Solutions, to discuss the technology behind Rich Call Data and how it contributes to a brand's presence and identity. They will explore how it is currently rolling out and the learned lessons to expect with its implementation.

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