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Live Telecom Podcast

The Tuesday Talks Podcast
Your (live) source of truth in the communications industry, from call delivery and STIR/SHAKEN to branded calling, regulatory updates, identity, emerging technologies, and more.

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Then, Now, and Next
A Look Back at 2023 and Predictions for 2024
The Season 3 finale of the Tuesday Talks live Podcast joins all 5 hosts, Rebekah Johnson, Anis Jaffer, Sarah Delphey, Pierce Gorman, and Brett Nemeroff, as they shed light on the key milestones and challenges of the past year and forecast what 2024 might have in store. From regulatory changes to technological innovations, we cover the aspects that shaped the telecom landscape in 2023 and how we can continue to move toward a more trusted ecosystem in 2024.
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Episode 20
Episode Details
The benefits of utilizing short code, 10DLC, RCS, and verified emails for business comms
Episode 19
Cross-Border Calls
Episode Details
Overview of the Reply Comments Filed in response to the FCC FNPRM
Episode 18
Cross-Border Calls
Episode Details
STIR/SHAKEN and its role in cross-border traffic origination & termination
Episode 17
Cross-Border Calls
Episode Details
STIR/SHAKEN and its role in cross-border traffic origination & termination
Click on 'Episode Details' to read more about each episode and expert guest speaker.
Episode 18
Episode Details
Looking to the Future through a Retrospective of Season 2
Episode 17
Identity Fraud
Episode Details
How the New Pay-for-Verification Model leads to more Identity Fraud and Distrust of Information
Episode 16
Illegal Calls
Episode Details
Risk and Fraud Mitigation to Combat Illegal Calls
Session 15
Episode Details
The future of identity and authentication in the messaging channel
Session 15
Episode Details
A Look Back at 2023 and Predictions for 2024
Session 13
SMS Phishing
Episode Details
A Research-Based Exploration of SMS Phishing with Dr. Brad Reaves
Session 12
Branded Calling
Episode Details
The Inside Track to Optimized Call Branding Strategies
Session 11
Reputation Management
Episode Details
Separating Fact from Fiction in a Dynamic Landscape
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Meet the Numeracle Hosts
To keep pace with the fast-moving nature of the communications ecosystem, we feature cameos by expert and special guests throughout the weeks.
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Headshot and Title; Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO

Rebekah Johnson

Founder and CEO
Headshot and Title; Anis Jaffer, Chief Product Officer

Anis Jaffer

Chief product officer
Headshot and Title; Sarah Delphey, VP of Trust Solutions
Headshot and Title; Pierce Gorman, Distinguished Member of the Technical Staff
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Continuing to offer a single point of visibility in the communications ecosystem, the Tuesday Talks podcast began as yet another form Numeracle's thought leadership to bring awareness, truth, and mythbusting episodes to the telecom industry.

Our hosts, joined by various field experts throughout the week, discuss relevant topics related to identity, call delivery, STIR/SHAKEN, emerging technologies, regulatory FCC updates, brand identity, and so much more.

To have an active voice in this space, join us for our biweekly sessions where you can ask us your questions, live.
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