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Outbound Call Protection

Protect & Brand Your Caller ID

Correct spam labeling
Prevent call blocking
Add caller name display to boost conversion
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The Future of Branded Calling


Traditional branded calling requires constant vigilance to stay up-to-date:

  • Coordination between service providers
  • Bad actors ‘spoofing’ numbers to unsuspecting called parties

Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management (EIM) is a pioneering solution that vets and verifies calling identities, putting brands back in control.


Numeracle has worked with the leading industry group to develop the next generation of trusted and secure Branded Calling ID™ (BCID™):

  • Based on industry standards
  • Name, logo, and call reason displays across devices, carriers and apps

Numeracle will be among the first BCID Authorized Partners™ offering BCID, building upon its existing solution to provide brands even more control over Caller ID.

The Industry Standard For Building Consumer Trust in Communications With

Enhanced Rich Call Display

Healthcare  →

Telehealth • Hospitals • Equipment Suppliers • Pharmacies

Financial Services  →

Commercial Banks • Credit Unions • Investment Firms

Insurance  →

Life • Health • Casualty • Property • Home • Auto

Retail  →

Home Improvement • Apparel • Leisure • Merchandisers

Consumer Services  →

Utilities & Internet Services • Home Services • Repair Services

Platform Providers  →

CPaaS • CCaaS • Communications and Originating Service Providers
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How We Protect Your Caller ID


Establish a Trusted Calling Identity

Our certification process vets and validates your enterprise and verifies your status as a legal caller. Securing your reputation with us results in 99.8% of your calls remaining free from improper spam labels.

Ongoing Call Labeling Prevention and Correction

Remove the guesswork about spam labels on your calls. Numeracle monitors and resolves labeling issues directly with carriers, so you don't have to. Stay updated with self-service dashboards and email reports.

Add Optional Branded Caller ID

Create instant recognition in your calls with Rich Call Data. Customize campaigns per number on any network and boost ROI by combining branded calling with reputation management.
Numeracle Benefits

What We Can Do For You

Our Proven Record

Protected Phone Numbers
Average of Numbers Negative Label Free
Succesful Remediations

Check Your Phone Numbers for Free

Submit up to 3 phone numbers for your business to review real screenshots of live calls placed from your numbers across all three wireless carrier networks. Find out if you're labeled as Spam, 'Arnold's Pizza Shop', or simply being blocked
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The Numeracle Advantage

Primary Numeracle Company Logo - padding
KYC-Based Verification Process
"Hands Off" Spam Label Correction Process
See Call Display & Delivery Across All Top Wireless Carriers
Unlimited Coaching & Support from a Team of Experts
Instant Protection to 99.8% of numbers
Numeracle Partners
Increase Success of Customer Campaigns

Deliver Reputation Management Directly to your Install Base

Give the customers on your communications platform the advantage of clean, protected phone numbers to start every campaign out on the right foot. Embed Numeracle’s solutions into your existing product catalog and solve the problem of spam and inconsistent call display in-house.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my Business Caller ID?

The reality is you probably don’t know how all your calls are displaying across the various networks and devices, and controlling how your Caller ID is displaying takes a lot of active management over updating outdated CNAM technologies and may still result in inconsistent display.

Skip the hassle and confusion of manually tracking down and staying on top of CNAM updates with the carriers and various databases with a trusted branded Caller ID solution that elevates your calls in a way you can fully track, monitor, and manage.

Why are my business calls labeled as spam?

Efforts to protect consumers from illegal robocalls led to the introduction of call blocking and labeling technologies, which have negatively affected legal business communications.

This led to declines in contact rates, customer experience, and revenue for businesses mislabeled as Potential Spam, Scam Likely, or Fraud, or even being blocked altogether and causing a lack of customer trust and damage to brand reputation.  

Luckily, we've come up with an identity management solution to protect and enhance brand identity when calling.

What is Branded Calling?

Once you've taken care of your identity verification requirements and are set up to manage your reputation with your phone numbers actively protected, add another level of identity-enhancing technology through Numeracle's Branded Calling Solution.

Through our branded calling partner ecosystem, we extend a branded caller name to boost trust in your calls and enhance customer experience when they know who is calling.  

Our intelligent Smart Branding solution has the built-in control you need to manage multiple sophisticated branded campaigns and continuously adapt to your needs.

What is Entity Identity Management?

Numeracle's Entity Identity Management (EIM) solution enables caller trust by providing the most comprehensive control and visibility to protect and monitor the phone numbers that represent your identity when you call. This one-of-a-kind solution corrects spam/scam labels and improper call blocking while improving call delivery KPIs and ensuring the accurate display of your calls.

Can I white-label the Numeracle platform?

Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management (EIM) Solution Platform can be white-labeled and directly delivered to your install base. By becoming a Numeracle partner, you can extend your solution suite and give customers on your platform the advantage of clean, protected phone numbers. Our EIM platform easily integrates with your existing product catalog so you can keep everything in-house.

How does Numeracle price their services?

To deliver the most competitive pricing, based on your unique outbound calling structure, we’ll need to ask a couple of questions before providing a quote. By simply sharing how many entities/brands do you represent, how many outbound numbers you use, and if you’re interested in spam labeling protection, caller ID name display, or both, we’ll be able to get you started with some pricing estimations.  

Ready for a quote? Reach out to start a conversation!

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