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Comprehensive Entity Identity Management™

Numeracle Solutions
Entity Identity Management™ to protect and enhance your brand identity across omnichannel communications.
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Improve your Calling Identity across Branded Communications

Don't Let Your Phone Numbers Misrepresent You

Enabling Trusted Communications

Numeracle returns trust and transparency to outbound wireless calls by helping businesses protect and enhance their calling identity so they can continue connecting with their patients, members, prospects, and customers with more success.

Identity Management

Through our Entity Identity Management™ platform, we’ve enabled hundreds of legal entities to prevent improper call blocking and employ best practices to reduce spam labeling from harming the phone numbers that represent your business.

An Aggregated Solution

By working closely with the top service providers, analytics companies, and communications platform providers, we provide visibility and management across the major stakeholders who affect how your communications are presented to consumers to give you control over your brand's presentation so you can improve contact rates.

Stay STIR/SHAKEN Compliant with Verified Identity™

The only Solution with a full know your customer (KYC) process

Protect your calling identity and ensure that you and you alone are associated and registered with the phone numbers you represent for communicating with consumers.

By establishing your status as a Verified Identity, we are providing you with a solution to protect your number reputation and partnering with service & platform providers to vet and verify your identity for STIR/SHAKEN compliant calls.

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Useful for Single or multiple entities

Single entities like enterprises and brands can validate their identities to make sure they remain in control of their calls and brand reputation

Representing multiple entities, companies, or brand names? You can vet and certify all the entities you represent to keep them protected

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Take Control of Your Identity with Number Reputation Management

Monitor, Manage, and Remediate Your Numbers IN one portal

Register phone numbers that may be at risk of improper labeling events preventing you from reaching your customers. You'll have the control to add, swap, or delete phone numbers and campaigns as you see fit with your dialing practices.

Our registration process covers the top U.S. carriers in partnership with the leading call blocking and labeling analytics engines and apps so that if improper labels appear on your numbers, we provide a speedy remediation process to remove them and continuously protect your numbers.

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The numbers don't lie

445,000+ phone numbers protected

352,000+ phone numbers remediated in 2023

99.77% of your numbers successfully protected

94% of remediations are submitted proactively

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Enhance Call Identity with Branded Calling

innovating a Secure Smart BrandingTM Solution

Once we take care of your number reputation, you can choose to add on branded calling.

We can extend branded rich call data (RCD) elements like a brand name and reason for calling to enhance the customer experience and boost trust in your calls when they can see who is calling and why.

Our intelligent Smart Branding solution gives you the ability to build and manage multiple sophisticated branded campaigns and continuously adapt them in conjunction with your number reputation strategy.

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Streamlined in our Portal

Intuitive interface that lets you skip the paperwork mess of working directly with each provider.

Flexibility to choose which numbers, branded assets, and campaigns are delivered.

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STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication for Service Providers

Stay Compliant with our robust Know Your Customer (KYC) Process

Complete our compliance-based due diligence Verified Identity™ vetting and verification process to validate call intent and consent-based competence in compliant dialing.

From there, we'll validate the relationship between your Verified Identity and your authorized phone numbers confirm your to any vendor partners (BPOs, technology platform providers) and add rich call data (RCD) for branded call identification.

With your Verified Identity successfully associated with your phone numbers and RCD, Numeracle passes this information to your originating service provider or other authority for call signing, such as NetNumber’s Guaranteed Caller Enterprise STIR/SHAKEN Solution.

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Delivering an authenticated presense

Verified Display
Calls meet the STIR/SHAKEN criteria to be delivered as checkmark-verified calls and meet KYC requirements from the TRACED Act, helping you stand out from the bad actors and call compliantly.

Easy Button
Utilizing Numeracle and Aegis Mobile's local policy vetting and validation solution provides a streamlined, compliance-based pathway for enterprise callers to participate in the STIR/SHAKEN trust network.

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It starts with an insight
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