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Solving the Top 5 Challenges in Patient Experience

As a healthcare provider, there are a multitude of reasons to get in touch with your members and patients, and every touchpoint in their patient outreach journey is important. Use these identified industry challenges as a roadmap to revolutionize their contact solutions while fostering patient trust and improving operational efficiencies.
Numeracle Solving Top 5 Challenges in PX

About this Whitepaper

After sampling an array of current healthcare provider challenges and goals, Numeracle has found a common thread amongst all who seek to solve for low patient engagement rates and experience while improving day-to-day operations.

Whether you're calling potential members during open enrollment season, trying to schedule an appointment with a patient, or delivering private, sensitive health information over the phone, prioritizing how you call is the first step towards transforming how you care for your patients and members.

Lack of Awareness

Many providers find out too late that their calls are being mislabeled as spam or scam likely. When this happens, appointments get missed, and patient care is easily overlooked.

Weak Call Delivery

How is your call delivery impacting your patient engagement rates and conversion rates? Do you know how vulnerable your numbers are and how it impacts patient trust?

Data Accuracy

How accurately are you utilizing your patient data when you contact them? Do you know you patient preferences?
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