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numeracle supports the fcc's initiatives to protect CRITICAL COVID-19 calls
Protections for Emergency Calls

On March 20, 2020, the FCC issued a Declaratory Ruling confirming the COVID-19 pandemic constitutes an emergency under the TCPA and, consequently, hospitals, health care providers, state and local health officials, and other government officials may lawfully communicate information about the novel coronavirus as well as mitigation measures without violating federal law.

In determining whether a call relating to the COVID-19 pandemic qualifies as a call made for an emergency purpose, the FCC will be looking to the validate the identity of the caller and content of the call. We have created the Critical Calls Registry™ to do exactly that.

registration of critical callers
Qualification of Emergency Calls
By meeting all three of the following criteria, your calls may be registered as "emergency" calls:


Who are you?

I am a hospital, health care provider, state and local health official, other government official, "or a solution provider delivering communications on their behalf"


What information are you communicating?

Information about the novel coronavirus as well as mitigation measures


When do these calls need to be delivered?

Delivery of these calls is time-sensitive and/or related to an imminent health or safety risk
I meet all 3 requirements
By confirming you meet the requirements defined above, you may begin the process of critical caller vetting, verification, and registration to protect your COVID-19 emergency calls from improper blocking or labeling.

The protection of critical calls through this effort is made possible through the support of our partners across the call delivery ecosystem.

During this time, we are humbled by the extra efforts and support to protect critical calls by the following partners:
not a qualified "emergency" caller?
What if I don't meet all 3 requirements?

You can still register your phone numbers to prevent improper "Scam," "Scam Likely," and "Fraud" labeling across the call delivery ecosystem. To learn more about the process to certify your organization as a Trusted Entity and register the phone numbers you use to communicate with consumers, follow the button below:

more about certification & Registration
a special message from numeracle
To organizations originating COVID-19 related public health and safety communications:

At Numeracle, protecting the delivery of critical calls has always been at the heart of everything we do.

As the volume of critical calls increases in the wake of COVID-19, we have grave concerns for the erroneous blocking and mislabeling of communications by carriers and analytics providers. This is a time when communication is critical to the safety and wellness of our entire nation.  

We are committed to continuing our work on the vetting and verification of trusted callers to ensure critical communications are not improperly blocked or labeled during this challenging time. We have the infrastructure to support the identification of trusted phone numbers to the major carriers to adjust the rating of calls at termination to prevent default-level blocking or mislabeling as Scam or Fraud calls. 

We understand the challenges the industry is facing with COVID-19 and we're committed to preserving the ability to communicate time-sensitive medical, emergency notification and personal safety information now, more than ever.

We know these calls will be impacted. This is why we have created the Critical Calls Registry.

critical calls registry press release
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