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2021 SIP Forum STIR/SHAKEN Virtual Summit

Numeracle hosted a webinar at the 2021 SIP Forum Virtual Summit discussing identity vetting, verification, and monitoring via KYC

July 23, 2021
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Event Details
Virtual Summit
Start Date
July 23, 2021

Description of the Webinar, hosted by Numeracle

Webinar: June 30 has passed, now what’s truly expected for voice service providers?
KYC’s role in shaping ongoing due diligence in support of robocall mitigation requirements.

Hosted by Numeracle, this webinar explores the expectations of the know your customer (KYC) aspect of STIR/SHAKEN, the TRACED Act, and what is required in a Robocall Mitigation Plan. Requirements for identity vetting across the network, considerations of monitoring for fraudulent activity, and best practices for how to implement a robust plan as expected by the FCC will be reviewed from various industry perspectives. With a special focus on FTC telemarketing enforcement initiatives, KYC lessons learned relating to the Globex and Alcazar orders will be discussed, providing insights on how to model a successful mitigation plan. Attend this session to learn your expectations and responsibilities for the continued implementation of KYC initiatives on your network post-June 30.


  • The role of ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) in communications
  • How to use KYC to implement an identity vetting and fraud monitoring protocol in support of ongoing robocall mitigation
  • Legal requirements for voice service provider expectations as set forth by the FCC, enforced by the FTC 
  • What happens if an organization fails to comply with STIR/SHAKEN requirements

Sponsored by Numeracle and Aegis Mobile

Guest Speakers: CEO & Founder of Numeracle, Rebekah Johnson, will be joined by several guest speakers at this webinar:
John Bruner
, President & CEO, Aegis Mobile
Steve Augustino
, Chair of Kelley Drye’s Communications practice
Steve Smith
, Founder & CEO, Fonative


Description of the SIP Forum Virtual Summit

Presented by the SIP Forum, the 2021 STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT is a reprise of the special mid-year webinar series focused on the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework.

This next iteration of the STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT will feature a series of webinars, presented by the experts leading the development of the STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Framework as well as leading companies providing solutions and deployment expertise, that focus on issues critical to the reliable and successful deployment and operation of STIR/SHAKEN in today’s IP-based network environments. The event will include expanded international coverage and discussion of the ramifications of various governmental regulatory, legislative and enforcement actions.

Webinar registrations is now open. Please visit the 2021 STIR/SHAKEN VIRTUAL SUMMIT event webpage for more information. Register here.


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