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Entity Identity ManagementTM to take control of how your clients are perceived, protect their brands from fraud events, and improve agent efficiency, and lift contact rates.

BPO and Call Center Solutions by Numeracle.
How the solution works

Entity Identity Management Platform

A technology platform to improve call center efficiencies like agent productivity and connection rates while enhancing call trust on behalf of the clients you represent.
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Step 1

Verified Identity

Vet and validate the calling identities of your customers across the network to protect them from fraud.
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Step 2

Number Reputation

Register their phone numbers to prevent and correct spam and scam labels with full campaign management.
NUMERACLE 2023; Smart Branding Solution
Step 3

Smart Branding

Once their calls are protected, add on protected branded assets to selected calls and campaigns.

Certification of Identity

Achieve Verified Identity™ Status

Protect the calling identities of the brands and entities you represent to protect their status and brand identity within the communications ecosystem.

Our compliance-based certification process vets and validates their identities and associates them with the phone numbers you use on their behalf in your outbound dialing.

By registering and vetting your client's identity and phone numbers, ensure that everyone you represent has a validated presence when calling.

The essential first step

Comply with the STIR/SHAKEN call authentication with a Verified Identity status to facilitate call signing

After you vet clients' identities, we can protect their phone numbers and branded assets for branded calling

Verified identity solutions
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NUMERACLE: Number Reputation Management Solution. Real screenshots of scam calls

Protection from Improper Labeling

Register Numbers and Mitigate Spam Labels

We distribute the phone numbers you use on your clients' behalf to the wireless carriers and  analytics partners to proactively and continuously protect their reputation from improper spam or scam labeling events.

When the guided number registration is completed, you'll be able to monitor any improper labeling that may arise across their numbers and manage the calling campaigns of various customers all in one place, with weekly health check reporting.

Use this pathway to correct improper labeling, adjust dialing practices, update or swap numbers, and monitor overall number hygiene across all entities and calling campaigns.

one-stop-shop for SafeGuarded numbers


Phone numbers successfully protected with registration to the Numeracle platform

Spot check registered phone numbers on-demand with the Number Check add-on feature.

Number Check

Enhancing Customer Communications

Caller ID & Smart BrandingTM

Once we take care of the reputation of registered phone numbers, you can choose to add branded calling, which is can be managed and filtered by entity, calling campaign, or however you need it set-up so you maintain full visibility and control on behalf of your clients.

We can extend branded rich call data (RCD) elements, like a brand name, to enhance the customer experience and boost trust in your calls when they can see who is calling and why.

Our intelligent Smart Branding solution gives you the f to build and manage multiple sophisticated branded campaigns and continuously adapt them in conjunction with your number reputation strategy.

Branded calls
Streamlined in our portal

Our intuitive interface lets you skip the mess of paperwork when working directly with each different branding provider for each client separately

Get the flexibility to choose which numbers, branded assets, and campaigns are delivered through some or all networks we provide

Real screenshot Smart Branded call with caller id name, logo, and call reason placed on the AT&T network to an Android Device
We've got you covered

How do I know this is right for me?

As a caller representing many different types of clients, we know you need one platform to organize and protect the calling identities and dialing strategies of each and every one of them.
Why are my clients' calls still labeled as spam after STIR/SHAKEN?
While STIR/SHAKEN does aim to lessen the amount of illegal robocalls originating and traversing the network, it does not filter for legal spam calls. What STIR/SHAKEN call authentication seeks to achieves is the identity verification status of the originating caller as a legal entity and the level to which they have the right to call using those numbers (Attestation Levels A, B, & C).

Your client's calls and identity may have been verified by STIR/SHAKEN, but this does not mitigate spam labels associated with their numbers. Their numbers could still be labeled as spam or nuisance based on a variety of factors like aggressive or inconsistent dialing practices, or consumer complaints. 
Will Numeracle’s Platform take care of STIR/SHAKEN certification for me?
While the Platform itself does not ‘attest’ or ‘sign’ calls, it can be used to implement a local policy solution to manage the verification of calling identity and the authorization of phone numbers in order to elevate an enterprise brand into the STIR/SHAKEN framework.

Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ platform allows an organization, and the enterprises they represent, to manage their Verified Identity status as legal businesses calling consumers based on an existing relationship or prior express written consent. This Verified status is governed by a compliance-based Know Your Customer vetting process.
The Platform also enables entities to identify the phone numbers used to engage with customers and associate those phone numbers to Verified calling brands via “Number Profiles.” This platform prepares entities for STIR/SHAKEN by creating the authenticated relationship between Verified Identity and phone number usage which is what service providers are required to verify in order to attest to the fact that each brand originating traffic on their network is authorized to use the phone numbers being displayed to the end user. 
Can I improve answer rates or customer engagement with just Number Reputation management?
Yes, absolutely! Number reputation management helps improve answer rates by minimizing the chances of your clients' calls being labeled as spam. As a result, customers are more likely to engage with your calls, even without the flashy branding.
Will STIR/SHAKEN solve my customer's spam labeling problems?
STIR/SHAKEN was not designed to stop spam labeling from occurring but it will prevent illegal robocalls from traversing the network. Because STIR/SHAKEN seeks to establish the caller is a verified identity it doesn't mean that traffic cannot therefore be labeled as spam. Legal calls may be labeled as spam for a variety of reasons, regardless of their Attestation Levels.

In a post-STIR/SHAKEN deployed world, you will still need to implement call blocking and labeling solutions to mitigate spam tags from associating with your numbers and brand.
What does your appeals process to mitigate labels entail?
Once we’ve verified your and your client's identities and registered client's phone numbers to their identity, we will be able to provide visibility into phone numbers that have been registered to their name that are classified as a “Spam” call across the wireless providers.

When/if this happens, we can go directly to that provider to ask them to appeal, or remove, that label. We’ll lead with the fact that they're a verified identity, phone numbers are registered to them for the purpose of legitimate business calling purposes, and we believe the Spam label is in error.

While no one can offer 100% success, Identity Verification and Number Reputation successfully protects 99.77% of our average customer’s total number of numbers. For the remaining 0.2% of numbers that may experience issues, our dedicated Client Engagement Team is behind the scenes submitting remediation requests on your behalf (94% of which are done proactively without you even having to ask). It takes us 1.6 days to complete a remediation request, with progress metrics reported via dashboard. And should remediation be unsuccessful on any particular carrier network, we’re here to provide additional strategies to address, as well as respond to support requests of any kind within 1.5 days.
How does Numeracle price their services?
Pricing for Numeracle services delivered to a BPO or contact center on behalf of your clients will begin with us asking you how many clients' calling identities and phone numbers you'd like to protect? We'll then ask you whether or not branded calling is of interest and provide a pricing proposal from there.

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