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Secure Branded Call display For Your Phone Numbers

Smart BrandingTM
Manage branded calling campaigns alongside non-branded campaigns in one platform for ultimate flexibility and control.
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Make Branded Caller ID Work For You

Increase Customer Confidence

Enhancing calls with branded assets can create instant recognition of your incoming calls, improving customers' likelihood of answering live or calling you back, across all three major wireless carriers.

Branded Call Displays Where it Counts

Not all calls should be branded. Lead with clean phone numbers protected by reputation management and let us manage it all for you so you can back to the business that matters.

Trusted Brand Identity

Adding and presenting a branded call display to your customer further reinforces trust in your brand while creating a memorable customer experience and leaving a positive impression when you call.
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Caller Identity Built on Trust

Increase Customer Confidence in Your
Calls with a Secure Branded Call Display

Branded calling not only fosters trust but also creates a memorable customer experience, where interactions are infused with a sense of authenticity and recognition, elevating the overall experience, with the peace of mind that your numbers are protected across all major carriers.

Build Trusted Communications

Ensure that your numbers are free from spam labels and associated with positive call identity reputation for the confidence customers need to trust your calls, whether they're branded or not.

Maximize ROI & Call Campaign KPIs

Brand the calls that will yield the highest ROI while keeping the rest of your numbers protected from spam labels for a comprehensive strategy that sets all calls up for success.

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Mitigate Risks & Remove Barriers

Number Reputation Management mitigates the risk of your legitimate calls being blocked or mislabeled as spam. Remove the barriers preventing you from connecting on calls you don't want to brand.

Protect & Enhance Brand Identity

Safeguard your brand identity from negative associations like being mistaken for a scammer, and maintain a positive brand image across all communication channels, whether branded or unbranded.

Full control of your Branded Caller ID

Turn Branding on and off where it counts

Branding has the power to deliver an instantly recognizable identity when turned on, but it's not always right for every number, every time. Managing your branded campaigns via Smart Branding gives you full flexibility to choose which numbers, on which call attempts, which networks, and which branded assets to deliver on any given phone call.

When the right communication is presented at the right time, a higher conversion rate, up 23%, was recorded. This indicates those receptive to or specifically looking to communicate with you, chose to answer when branding was presented.

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Optimize Your Call Strategy

Our branding experts help you determine the ROI of branded vs un-branded phone calls

Manage branded and un-branded campaigns via one platform to compare KPIs side by side

Don't overspend on branding all your phone numbers; select the ones that would benefit.

T-Mobile and unbranded T-Mobile Numeracle branded calls

Full Visibility Into Your Branded Calling Campaigns

a One-stop-shop platform for data-driven, personalized communications

As you grow an understanding of how your customers are responding to branding, you'll need to make adjustments with ease and flexibility as you go. Smart Branding allows you full control to turn branding on and off so you don't set it and forget it with a very large surprise invoice awaiting.

Full Flexibility and Control

Layer branding in and out of campaigns alongside of numbers protected by reputation management via self-service dashboards

Develop the right balance of branded vs. non-branded phone calls to maximize your ROI and keep premium branding costs down

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A Compatible Branded Caller ID Solution

Multiple Campaigns, Across Multiple Networks, From One Platform

Numeracle is the only aggregated solution to combine the setup and onboarding process in one place for multiple networks via our Smart Branding™ platform.

Approve branded materials once, set multi-network campaigns up in our self-service portal, and complete revisions, additions, and extensions in one place instead of multiple.

These example are all real screenshots of a Smart Branded call using the Numeracle phone number, all assets and data managed via Smart Branding.

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Check Branded Call Display On-Demand with Number Check

Seeing is Believing

Number Check is the latest enhancement to Numeracle’s Number Reputation Management, providing on-demand visual confirmation of identity presentation, including real screenshots of live calls placed across top wireless networks.

Exclusive to Numeracle Entity Identity ManagementTM (EIM) customers, Number Check provides the ability to spot-check the display of registered numbers in between regular reporting cycles. A source of truth when it matters most, Number Check is available on-demand, in batch form, to existing customers to confirm the current display of calling identity.

Confirmation for peace of mind

Going beyond traditional reporting to bring you tangible display metrics

Real images provided of real phone calls for visual confirmation

Any mislabeled phone numbers are entered into our remediation queue

Number Check Portal Mockup

Additional Resources On Branded Caller ID

Increase ROI Metrics

Whether you're a bank trying to reach a customer, or a pharmacy trying to reach a patient, ensure your calls are identifiable across the full wireless ecosystem.
Case Study Image Link: Branded Calling Using Rich Call Data (RCD); The Results & Impact of Adding Brand Name and Logo to Outbound Calls

Reduce Costs

Implementing a solution that increases connect, callback, and conversion rates helps you reduce the number of missed appointments and prevent lost opportunities or wasted time.
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Configure flexible campaigns to pick and choose where you want to enable branding across the network, for which brands, for how long, and for which numbers with our intelligent Smart Branding platform.
Whitepaper Image Link: Protecting Communications from Identity Spoofing

Protect Your Brand

Maintain control over how your company is represented. For further peace of mind, engage in brand monitoring surveillance to identify when your brand may be being impersonated or spoofed via our partner, YouMail.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Know Branded Caller ID is right for me?

We call it Smart BrandingTM for a reason. Leverage Numeracle's end-to-end solution built on the sturdiest foundation of caller trust and clean number reputation across all outbound communications, and sprinkle the branding on top, where and when you want it.
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What steps do I need to take to turn on Smart Branding?

Before we can get you onboarded, we need to first verify your calling identity and make sure the phone numbers you use are loaded into our platform to restore and protect their reputation. Only then can we add branded assets like Caller Name, to the different calling campaigns you'd like to use this service for.

Please note that the setup of our solution package requires the implementation of Verified Identity and Number Reputation first, with Branded Calling available as an add-on service.

Does mitigating labels provide me with a Caller ID Name on my calls?

No. Our Number Reputation Solution focuses on identifying and remediating improper labeling of your calls with tags like 'Scam Likely' and 'Spam.' We provide ongoing reporting, identifying changes in labeling and risk rating status of your numbers so you can decide if you would like to add, delete, rest, or remediate numbers. We will mitigate these labels for you via our appeals process, which has a high success rate in ongoing reputation management.

This does not add a Caller Name (which is different than Caller ID or CNAM) to your calls, but if you would like to take advantage of a solution that does provide this, reach out to us about our Branded Calling Solution.

For more on Caller ID and CNAM technologies, check out our blog, What’s in a Name? Is it Caller ID, CNAM, or RCD?

Will my calls look the same no matter who I'm calling?

Not exactly. The display of calls that embed rich call data for a branded calling experience will vary in display depending on who you're calling, what kind of device they are on (and how that device is configured), and also which network they are on.

Does Branded Calling override the 'Scam' or 'Spam' labels consumers see?

No branded calling solution can guarantee ongoing correction of Scam or Spam labeling unless a number reputation solution is in place by the brand as well.

Depending on the carrier network across which branding is intended to be displayed, carriers work with analytics providers to assign reputation to a brand’s calls. These analytics providers don’t typically share information across one another; so calls labeled Spam on one network may deliver branding successfully on another due to the disjointed nature of the carrier, analytics, and branding solution provider network.

To ensure branding is successfully delivered across the widest reach of carriers and devices, an approach to address number reputation across each desired network is the recommended first step in the process of call display improvement. Businesses may find not every call is right for branding every time. A layered reputation management + branding strategy allows businesses to determine when branding is best (and display it in those cases), while also ensuring non-branded calls are delivered across clean numbers (thanks to ongoing reputation management).

How does Branded Calling fit into a dialing strategy?

In most cases, it’s not worth branding every call or call attempt. Based on an average dialing strategy, after the 4th attempt the likelihood of a pickup dramatically decreases, but the cost per call branded doesn’t decrease along with it.

We recommend branding about 1/3 of your attempted phone calls so you don’t over-exhaust branding as a strategy and end up paying premium prices for missed calls that don’t convert.

How does Numeracle price services?

Pricing for Identify Verification and Number Reputation starts with us gaining an understanding into your calling structure. How many entities/brands do you represent, how many numbers do you use, etc.

To learn more about pricing for branded calling capabilities, reach out to start a conversation!
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