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The Values & Limitations of Branded Calling

Realities Behind the Hype, Gaps in Reach, and What You Need to Know to Best Reach your Customers
Written by
Numeracle Team
Published on
June 18, 2024

There is no doubt that displaying a business name on an incoming call screen can instill a sense of trust in your brand while creating a memorable customer experience. The ability to display branded elements, such as a caller name, adds a level of transparency consumers have been looking for since most of us have ditched our landlines (and the built-in caller ID we were accustomed to) and migrated completely to our mobile devices.  

Since branded calling’s introduction, we’ve identified clear value in the technology’s ability to create an instantly recognizable presence. We’ve also identified roadblocks and limitations as we work together with others in the industry to create an ecosystem of secure end-to-end identity delivery, where no doubt exists in the identity of the caller.

The Road to Full Industry Adoption  

From its inception, the marketing claims around branded calling have promised many positive outbound calling results, especially guaranteed (and significant) lifts in contact rates or customer satisfaction.  

As part of the first successful delivery of a branded call made by leveraging authenticated caller ID and Rich Call Data powered by STIR/SHAKEN, Numeracle can pinpoint the realities of how this technology has unfolded.1

Branded calling is still a new technology in the sense that it isn’t often understood and has not been standardized in today’s market. We still exist in quite a fragmented ecosystem riddled with challenges to adoption, where achieving the coveted logo display is more elusive than advertised.2

Who can send a logo? Who can see it?

The most widely misunderstood aspect of branded calling is the fully branded display that includes a graphic logo. Currently the most common implementation is the delivery of a branded caller ID name without a logo.  

While we work toward wider adoption, today, a fully branded calling experience with logo only reaches a limited number of consumer wireless devices, and most can only receive the caller ID name and not the logo.  

Landline devices cannot currently receive branded information, and display to mobile phones varies greatly depending on the subscriber network, the device, and whether necessary applications for logo display have been downloaded. Here’s the current reach:

  • Apple/iOS: Native display of the caller’s name is widely available from branded calling solution providers. Native display of logos is dependent on carrier enablement, which is not yet widespread. Call reason is not currently supported natively.
  • Android: Like iOS, most Android devices natively support the delivery and display of a branded caller ID name. The presentation of a logo is more limited and often requires additional software like an app-based or carrier-specific application. This feature is not universally available across all devices and depends heavily on the type of device and carrier support.

Can current branded calling be spoofed?

For callers trying to use this technology to fix improper call labeling issues (like calls labeled as spam), branded calling is not a replacement for a reputation management solution.  

Branded calls are still vulnerable to improper call labeling and scammers can impersonate your brand in addition to your phone number even when that number is enabled for branding. Furthermore, branded calls are also still at risk of being blocked. Fortunately, there are solutions being developed to address these vulnerabilities and limitations.

Branding Isn't Everything: It Won't Necessarily Increase Contact Rates

Numeracle conducted the first branded calling case study in 2021 and conducted a follow-up report two years later when the technology was gaining popularity and adoption. Both studies revealed the same truth: While branded calling can reinforce brand recognition for potential buyers, it’s essential to consider the intent of the call and where it falls in the customer outreach journey.

Download the Case Study

Where contacts are waiting for or are receptive to the caller’s outreach, displaying a brand name gives them the added confidence to answer or respond later to the call attempt. Where contacts aren’t aware of why someone is calling them, branding may work against the caller by encouraging the recipient to ignore the call.  

For example, consider branding customer service calls or requested callbacks because those customers are awaiting a call, but callers may want to reconsider branding calls where they don’t have an existing relationship with a customer who may not want to answer anyway.  

We encourage our customers to look beyond the answer rate and consider other KPIs like completion and conversion rates when considering whether a branded calling strategy is right for them.  

Smart Branding: Get More Out of Branded Calls

Numeracle's Smart Branding solution redefines the management of call display by enabling intelligent, customized branding choices so our customers control exactly what's being delivered on call screens. Brand the calls that make the most sense to brand while protecting the rest via a reliable phone number reputation management platform.

Rather than an all-in approach, which can lead to high costs, our strategic method allows callers to start small and iteratively refine their strategy while comparing branded and non-branded campaigns to make informed decisions. This allows for mindful enhancement of branding efforts without a complete overhaul or prohibitive costs, adding value precisely where it matters most.  

When delivered accurately and securely, branded calling fosters trust and creates a positive customer experience. Interactions are infused with a sense of authenticity and recognition, elevating the overall experience and increasing the success of your outbound outreach.

If you're curious or ready to implement a branded calling strategy, contact us today.


1) Technology Companies Complete First-Ever Telephone Call with Authenticated Caller ID and Rich Call Data, Powered by STIR/SHAKEN:

2) Logo presentation is often dependent upon locally installed software that is not widely adopted.

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