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Branded Calling Strategy in the Customer Journey

This case study answers a series of problem statements on the common misconceptions of branded calling in the market to decipher the best approach to branding calls for maximum return on investment and customer impact.
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Numeracle and Avantive Solutions 2023 Branded Calling Strategy in the Customer Journey Case Study

About this Case Study

Since the introduction of branded calling, the popular theory in the market has been that the more information provided to the call recipient, the higher the likelihood the recipient will answer and/or interact with the brand originating the call. As such, companies are operating under the belief that the best results will be achieved by branding every outbound phone number and every call placed.

But is this really the case? Should businesses brand all their calls?

We put this theory to the test and set out to answer the following questions that we hear customers and prospects ask us every day, backed up with actual customer data to figure out if branding every call justifies the expense in the investment with positive ROI, or if we’d find a better branded calling strategy with lower costs and greater results.

Investigation 1

Does adding branded calling information like a caller ID name increase contact rates or callback rates?

Investigation 2

Does the success of branded calling depend on the type of customer being called and the existing relationship with or perception of your brand?

Investigation 3

Are there potential downsides that arise from branding all or too many of your phone calls?

Investigation 4

Where does the overall cost of branding outweigh the results?
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