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Protecting Communications from Identity Spoofing

This whitepaper interprets the potential consumer harm caused by illegal call and illegal brand spoofing that occurs when fraudulent actors use your business' information without your consent or awareness.
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YouMail + Numeracle Identity Spoofing Whitepaper

About this Whitepaper

This whitepaper identifies how illegal call and brand spoofing happens and how to protect your brand from the illegal use of your identity information through number reputation solutions, voice traffic monitoring, and KYC.

Plus, with the addition of branded calling as the newest layer of identity presentation, protecting your calling identity is crucial for both successfully reaching customers and ensuring the protection of your brand and phone numbers.

Illegal vs Legal Spoofing

The difference and use cases for call spoofing, whether legal or illegal, and how it can impact the perception of your brand identity and the success of your outbound calls.

A Partnership to Tackle Illegal Spoofing

How Numeracle and YouMail Protective Services are the only solution partners actively protecting legal call originators from identity spoofing events.

Impact to KPIs

The impacts illegal spoofing events have on customer fraud, exposed brand reputation, declines in answer rates, and drains of resources, including a real customer case study of a major hospitality brand.

Steps to Protect Your Identity

How to implement a solution that combines Number Reputation Management, Know Your customer (KYC), Know Your Traffic, and Brand Defense & Monitoring.
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