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Branded Calling Using Rich Call Data

Numeracle and Avantive Solutions teamed up to provide this Case Study which highlights the benefits and value of adding Rich Call Data (RCD) to your branded calling campaigns.
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Numeracle's 2021 Branded Calling Case Study - Image of a Smart Branded phone call

About this Case Study

One thing to consider for any business evaluating a branded calling solution is how to measure success. This 2021 Case Study evaluates the Business ROI Model through metrics related to sales efficiencies, costs per sale, and the impact on the brand's transactional net promoter score (tNPS).

An alternative method of evaluation considers the Advertising ROI Model, which measures success by increased brand awareness, recognition, and impressions versus the cost to deliver the calls. Comparing branded calling technology to other forms of digital advertising allows one to consider the 'stand-out' value of brands who have implemented a branded calling solution versus those who have not.

Rich Call Data (RCD)

Adding RCD may create a more trusted calling ecosystem where customers can more confidently answer unexpected phone calls. By elevating calls from Scam to instantly recognizable, it eliminates doubt when deciding if you should answer a call or not.

Interpreting the Results

Our case study challenges the belief that adding branded calling to all calls and call attempts will guarantee improved contact rates. While various improvements were seen, it depends on your specific KPIs to determine its success.

Setting a Call up for Success

RCD implementation is still in its early stages of adoption. If you're forward-thinking and committed to taking advantage of every opportunity to deliver your brand name to called parties, RCD has a worthy place on your strategic roadmap.
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