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Podcast: KYC, Know Your Customer

Numeracle and Fonative talk due diligence with Telecom Reseller!

Podcast: KYC, Know Your Customer in Communications
October 9, 2020
Written By
Molly Weis, VP Marketing & Communications

This post appears as published in Telecom Reseller, October 8, 2020.

You absolutely are not going to be able to say I did not know…

Know Your Customer. That’s the big message of this podcast featuring Steve Smith, founder and CEO of Fonative and Rebekah Johnson, founder and CEO of Numeracle.

In September, the FTC (the Federal Trade Commission), handed down what is being described as a landmark ruling against a communications service provider that was found to be negligent in prohibiting the illegal calling practices of clients utilizing its network. In this podcast, Smith and Johnson describe the impact of the ruling on carriers, providers, and end users. “It’s always been a good idea to know your customer … but now it’s an imperative” says Smith.

According to Smith, wherever you are on the communications food chain, carrier, provider, or reseller, “… you can be held liable if they (your customers) are placing fraudulent or spoofed calls.” Johnson adds, “You absolutely are not going to be able to say I did not know…” Johnson goes on to describe a due diligence process and structure so that companies can get ahead of this issue, discover and address problem customers and come into compliance with FTC guidelines. Johnson and Smith describe the process and the possibilities that are available to the community.

Listen to the Podcast!

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