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Comprehensive guide

KYC Fundamentals for Communications Service Providers

A comprehensive guide for communications service providers seeking to develop Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and procedures for conducting meaningful customer duee diligence.
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About this Guide

This guide is intended to assist communications service providers (CSPs) in beginning the development of processes and procedures to know their customers and conduct meaningful customer due diligence. The information enclosed may be useful to anyone working in communications but is most specifically intended for those establishing or performing Know Your Customer (KYC) functions.

This guide focuses on CSPs that provide services to businesses and other CSPs rather than CSPs that work with consumers. Each CSP should adapt its process and procedures to best fit the nature of its business and its risk mitigation policies. This guide is not intended as legal advice or opinion.

What is Know Your Customer?

As it relates to telecom, KYC is the overall set of processes and policies used by the CSP to evaluate the identity and communication intent of its customer throughout the customer lifecycle. What is the goal of KYC?

Where to Start

A risk-based approach to identify high priority areas, KYC criteria, design systems, policies, and processes, and how to monitor progress and KYC success.

Customer Due Diligence

While sometimes used interchangeably with KYC, Customer Due Diligence refers more specifically to the actions taken by organizations to vet and monitor customers in the service of its KYC program.
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