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Understanding Call Blocking & Labeling

This white paper seeks to provide insight into call labeling’s continued impact to call delivery and suggest strategies to prevent the improper blocking and labeling of legitimate business calls before customer communications are impacted.
Numeracle's Call Blocking & Labeling Whitepaper

About this Whitepaper

Many factors may cause negative reputation on your phone numbers that result in your calls being mislabeled with warning tags like Spam, Scam, Scam Likely, or even Fraud which impact your ability to successfully connect with customers and tarnishes your brand reputation. Negative reputation starts calls off on the wrong foot.

By removing the roadblocks of improper blocking and labeling, businesses across the healthcare, financial, automotive, retail, safety, and additional industries can maintain their relationship with their customers and avoid ‘the missed call.’

Where Did Call Labeling Come From?

It all began with illegal robocalls defrauding consumers over the voice channel. But where are we now? What's happened in the past few years that got us to the improper labeling of legal calls?

STIR/SHAKEN Didn't Stop Your Spam Labeling, Did it?

There's still lots of confusion about the role STIR/SHAKEN plays on robocall mitigation and spam labeling events. With company members who were contributing authors to this call authentication framework, we're here to set the story straight.

Analytics: The Scoring Behind the Label

How call blocking and labeling algorithms are scoring your calls, where these technologies came from, and how to solve the spam labels they're assigning to your calls.

Insights & Impacts of Call Labeling

Your phone numbers are more at risk of improper call labeling than you think. Learn more about how these labels negatively impact your reputation along with solutions and recommendations on how to solve it.
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