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Perception of Collections Industry Phone Numbers

This study examines the impact of call blocking and labeling on a cross-section of  organizations within the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) to identify strategies to improve caller ID presentation across the Collections industry.
Numeracle's Benchmark Report

About this Study

In response to the increasing prevalence of improper call blocking and labeling experienced across the Collections industry, Numeracle partnered with the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) to conduct this 2019 Benchmark Study.

Each organization’s phone numbers were analyzed across multiple call blocking and labeling analytics sources to produce an average risk rating associated with each phone number. Call blocking and labeling data included in the analysis was representative of risk rating perception across multiple wireless service providers and 3rd party apps.

Risk Ratings: The Scoring Behind the Label

What are the labels getting assigned to your calls that negatively impact caller ID reputation and answer rates? Where did they come from?

% of Sampled Numbers at Risk for Improper Call Blocking & Labeling

Our market analysis determined how many of your business phone numbers are currently at risk of potential call blocking and labeling events, and it's higher than you think.

Recommendations & Solutions

Each of the five organizations participating in this Benchmark Study was affected in some way by improper call blocking and labeling. Learn how they partnered with Numeracle to protect their communications and how you can do it too.
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