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The Dark Side of Caller ID: Reducing Robocalls and Improving Trust in the Telephone Network
The history of caller ID and the challenges and solutions to help reduce Robocalls and improve trust in the telephone network
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Nemeroff's captivating insights reveal a more complex and nuanced perspective on the state of caller ID. He goes beyond surface-level understandings to shed light on how this technology has evolved over the past decades and why it no longer provides meaningful or reliable information about the source of a call. This revelation prompts an urgent and much-needed dialogue on the technological uncertainty we face today.

"The Dark Side of Caller ID" doesn't stop at identifying the problem; it's a bold and pioneering look at the solutions needed to safeguard our communication in a world where privacy and security are continually challenged. Nemeroff opens up critical discussions about the technological advancements necessary to protect the integrity of our connections and guide us in defending our privacy amidst relentless changes and challenges.

syllabus Takeaways
  • How caller ID technology has evolved and why it no longer offers meaningful information about the source of a call
  • The importance of providing accurate info to industry colleagues, customers, and partners, that translates with trust and transparency
  • Why caller ID is one of the most misunderstood technologies in the telecom space, and what needs to be done to correct it
  • How Numeracle's solutions associate and manage the identity of communications, supporting evolving regulations and standards
  • The future of phone calls and the telecom industry, including how to progress forward with expertise and integrity

Brett Nemeroff

Brett Nemeroff is a renowned VoIP expert with over 20 years of experience in the telecom space, takes viewers on a critical and enlightening journey through the evolution of caller ID technology. His expertise shines as he challenges the common belief that STIR/SHAKEN technology is a panacea for the issue of number spoofing, a belief that has grown dangerously prevalent in the modern era of telecommunications.

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