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SPAM: "An American Meat Icon" or the Way Your Calls Are Being Delivered Right Now
If you’ve ever received a spam call to your cell phone, you’ve seen the problem in action. But can you be sure YOU’RE not the SPAM?
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There isn’t a single business or business type that is exempt from improper call labeling (your legitimate business calls displayed to consumers on cell phones as spam, scam, or fraud). Join us to learn what causes your calls to be labeled spam (or blocked altogether), how to monitor for labeling events, and how to fix labeling for good. 

We’ll cover solutions available across the marketplace, compare reputation monitoring solutions vs. reputation remediation (correction and prevention from labeling events), and discuss expectations for longevity of labeling removal, average impact to contact rates, and best practices for taking control over how your identity is presented to your called parties.

syllabus Takeaways
  • What is spam labeling?
  • How do I know if this is happening to me? Why is this happening to me?
  • Distinguishing between monitoring vs. rotation vs. remediation solutions
  • Average success metrics and results from real uses cases
  • How identity is the key to clean reputation and successful communications

Samantha Hofer

With over 17 years of industry experience with technology-focused sales for business communications, protecting consumer and customer needs has always been the focus of her career. Specializing in enabling communication solutions for the enterprise, contact center, and telecommunication industries throughout her profession, she has been continuously endorsed for her skills in account management, consultative sales approach, and customer service.

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