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December 23, 2022

Remediation Report: Track Which Numbers Are Being Cleaned

Remediation Dashboard

Customer Communications

We've taken your feedback and are excited to let you know we've introduced a brand new Remediation Dashboard in the Visibility section of the portal.

Remediation Report: Track Which Numbers Are Being Cleaned

  • Review phone numbers submitted for labeling remediation by source
  • Track success removing unwanted number labeling over time
  • Data updated on a weekly basis as remediations are processed

Because your outbound phone numbers can be labeled differently across the various wireless carriers, we provide a comprehensive view of where and what we’re doing about it. We submit all negatively labeled phone numbers for remediation across the calling ecosystem at the highest volumes and most expansive reach. Most solutions on the market only give you a window to monitor labeling activity on your numbers; we open the door to you for remediation, most of which we do automatically on your behalf, so you can keep calling with confidence. 

Visibility & Control at your Fingertips

Ongoing remediation helps maintain healthy number reputation, can increase contact rates, improves your overall call delivery and brand reputation, and provides you with the necessary insight to structure successful calling campaigns. We are currently the only end-to-end identity management solution that provides you with the control and consistency you need to define how your calls are displayed across the wireless calling ecosystem with complete visibility into remediation status and history.

Our reputation dashboards provide visibility into which of your numbers are labeled Spam, Scam, or Fraud across the wireless ecosystem. The remediation dashboard takes this to the next level by providing ongoing visibility into remediation activities. In addition to knowing when your numbers are labeled, you also know when they’ve been fixed.

Have questions about the new product feature? Reach out to us today!

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