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MEF Connects: Personal Data & Identity

Organizational identity establishes a root of trust; not just for an organization but also for its agents—employees, messages, machines, and bots.

May 25, 2023
London, United Kingdom
Live From London
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Event Details
Keynote Speaker
London, United Kingdom
Start Date
May 25, 2023

CEO & Founder of Numeracle, Rebekah Johnson, will be setting the tone for MEF Connects 2023 with her keynote Entity Identity: the Path to Building Trust and Engagement with KYC.

To establish consumer trust in communications, we must first establish trust all the way back to its origination: to the entity, organization, or brand initiating that contact with the consumer. In today’s B2C communications landscape, where lack of trust impacts organizations' ability to connect across multiple channels, identity is the key to establishing confidence in communications. In her keynote, entity identity expert, Rebekah Johnson, introduces a repeatable model for implementing a KYC-based (Know Your Customer) identity vetting framework to establish trust all the way down to the root identity communicating. Not only does this protect consumers from fraud, it also gives total control back to the originating identity to decide how, where, and when its digital identity is displayed to its consumers, negating the ability for anyone else along the communications path to manipulate, abuse, or alter root identity. Rebekah will also share lessons learned from federal and regulatory initiatives to combat fraud in the evolving communications landscape and identify practical steps the industry can take right now to re-build trust and engagement between entity and consumer using KYC.

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