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OpenSIPS Summit 2024

Discover the latest OpenSIPS developments, network with industry experts, and drive innovation in open-source VoIP and RTC at our Valencia summit.

May 14, 2024
Valencia, Spain
Veles E Vents, La Marina De Valencia
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Event Details
OpenSIPS Summit 2024
Valencia, Spain
Start Date
May 14, 2024

RCD. What is it, and can you trust it?

This session, led by Numeracle's VP of Engineering - Voice, Brett Nemeroff, tackles the erosion of trust in traditional caller ID systems and explores the transformative potential of Rich Call Data (RCD). You'll learn:

  • The Problem: Why existing caller identification methods are vulnerable and how they contribute to a lack of trust.
  • RCD – The Solution: Discover what RCD is, how it works, and its integration with PASSPorT for enhanced security.
  • Standards & Implementation: Understand the RCD Draft Standard and how it can be supported within and across carrier networks.
  • Technical Deep Dive: Explore potential gaps in OpenSIPs and immediate solutions to support RCD adoption.

Learn how you can become an advocate for RCD and play a role in restoring trust in communications.


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