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December 19, 2022

Numeracle Sets New Remediation Record

Confirms the need and effectiveness of remediation to solve call blocking & labeling issues

Company News

Negative call reputation associated with phone numbers has been impacting businesses’ ability to connect with consumers since the onset of call blocking and labeling technologies in 2017. Before Congress and the FCC issued the carrier-focused mandate to provide redress of issues relating to blocking and labeling, Numeracle has been remediating numbers since its inception, processing a record 61,111 remediations to date this year alone.

“Today’s announcement comes in recognition of the days’, weeks’, months’, and years’ work that the phenomenal members of the Numeracle Client Engagement Team have put into remediating mislabeled numbers on behalf of our customers since day one,” said Joe Galvin, VP of Client Engagement, Numeracle. “With the launch of our Remediation Dashboard, which brings even more visibility to exactly which numbers are being remediated, when, and the result, Numeracle continues to deliver a superior solution to our customers to solve the very real, constantly evolving, and business critical issues created by improper blocking and labeling.”

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