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Numeracle™ and Fonative Deliver Verified Identity™ Solution for Customer Due Diligence in Communications

September 29, 2020 8:00 AM

MCLEAN, Va., September 29, 2020 – Numeracle, Inc., the pioneer of Verified Identity™ for communications, and Fonative, the Compliant Communications™ Company, have announced the joint support of the recent enforcement efforts taken by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the State of Ohio against service providers who knowingly, or unknowingly, support the origination of illegal call traffic across communications platforms.

In the landmark proceeding, FTC, et. al. v. Educare Centre Services, Inc.,, a communications service provider found to be negligent in prohibiting the illegal calling practices of clients utilizing its network, is now banned from further engaging in communications delivery considered to be high risk. Further, the service provider must implement stringent due diligence related to customer onboarding and adopt and implement monitoring procedures prior to delivering services to new accounts.

As the pioneer of Verified Identity in the communications ecosystem, Numeracle is enabling hundreds of legal entities to voluntarily disclose their calling identities via a ‘know your customer’ (KYC) process designed to validate call intent, and consent-based competence in compliant calling.

“Numeracle first introduced the concept of KYC within the communications ecosystem to remove caller anonymity in support of FTC initiatives and consumer preference for transparency,” said Numeracle founder and CEO, Rebekah Johnson. “This order makes a distinction between the entity and the phone number, identifying the need to look beyond the number to validate the identity of the entity using it.”

Through the delivery of the Verified Identity solution to its customer-base, Fonative has built on its long-standing focus in regulatory compliance and risk-management for call centers by proactively integrating Numeracle’s robust customer due diligence into its RegReadyTM CPaaS platform.

Fonative’s platform integrates Numeracle’s industry leading Verified Identity for customers across North America, which results in higher levels of call completion and reduced false positives by spam and scam blockers currently being deployed by carriers and mobile operators.

“Numeracle continues to be one step ahead of the industry which is why we put Verified Identity in place to ensure bad actor traffic is monitored for and stopped, and we didn’t wait for an FTC order to start thinking about this,” said Steve Smith, founder and CEO of Fonative. “As a communications service provider we’ve embraced the compliance process so our customers don’t have to worry about their call delivery campaigns being impacted by other clients found to be bad actors.”

“This landmark order changes the narrative of how we do business within the communications industry,” added Johnson. “Customer due diligence is no longer on the list of a ‘nice to have’ process when it comes to communications operations. This is a process that service and platform providers must implement to actively monitor and ban the origination of illegal traffic.”

For more information on Numeracle’s Verified Identity solution, visit To learn about Fonative’s RegReady CPaaS platform, visit

About Fonative

Fonative helps businesses connect with customers through voice and text, providing compliant communications as a Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS). The company's technology enables developers to easily incorporate calling and messaging capabilities into business applications, without the need to maintain servers, infrastructure, network, and telecommunication carriers. Combining carrier-grade technology with advanced call center capabilities and regulatory compliance, Fonative is the only suite of telecommunication services to meet the stringent requirements necessary in key industries such as medical, financial services, and government. For more information about Fonative's Compliant Communications™ efforts, visit the company's website,

Fonative is a registered trademark, and Compliant Communications and RegReady are trademarks of Fonative, Inc. FullCase and FullCourt Enterprise are registered trademarks, and CitePayUSA is a trademark of Justice Systems, Inc. CTIA is a trademark of CTIA - The Wireless Association. Other product names, logos, and brands are property of their respective owners.

About Numeracle
Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) platform enables service and platform providers to manage the identity of end entities and implement Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to outbound communications. KYC identity vetting and verification is the cornerstone of the platform; developed in support of evolving federal regulations and telecom standards. Leveraging entity identity, EIM is used to associate Verified Identity™ to outbound communications, manage branded presentation across the wireless network, deliver blocking and labeling prevention and remediation, visibility to number reputation, and more, to support service and platform provider requirements to empower wanted communications while monitoring for and blocking the illegal. For more information, visit

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