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numeracle case study
Improving Contact Rates Through Certification and Registration
about this study

The objective of this study was to identify whether engagement with Numeracle would lead to an increase in live connect rates for two clients upon the completion of Trusted Entity certification and phone number registration across the ecosystem, while monitoring a third client as a control group.

We measured live connect rates for 90 days pre- and post- Numeracle engagement to determine if the removal of negative 'Scam,' 'Scam Likely,' and 'Fraud' labels would lead to more calls answered.


About the Client and KPIs Measured

Client Profile
  • Client Type: Business Process Outsouring (BPO) for Contact Centers
  • Call Intent: Sales and Account Services
  • KPI Goals: Improve call labeling presentation to increase live connect rates
Trusted Entity certification and phone number registration had a positive impact on connect rates for clients post-engagement with Numeracle, with an increase of 64.7% and 23.7% respectively. Conversely, connect rates for the control group client declined by 23.1% in the same period, demonstrating a negative impact to calls answered.
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Case Study Results

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