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Retail: Are You Being Mistaken as “Spam”?

Take Proactive Measures to Protect your Brand Identity and Enhance the Customer Experience
Written by
Mary Gonzalez, Brand & Content Manager
Published on
July 13, 2023

Let’s say one of your customers buys something online, and it’s time for you to contact them to let them know their purchase is ready for pick-up. Or, let’s say you’re making a regularly scheduled service call or returning a customer support call. You need to know that any of those calls aren’t labeled as spam, or they won’t answer, and you’ll have to continue calling them in hopes that they may one day pick up. 

As consumers, we’ve seen calls land on our phones that warn us not to pick up a call because the Caller ID field says “Spam Likely,” or “Potential Spam.” But many businesses are completely unaware that their calls could get mislabeled as spam when they try contacting their customers or vendors. Getting people on the phone is hard enough, but a spam label that shouldn’t be there makes it virtually impossible. 

For retail companies, reducing friction while improving the customer experience is a balancing act that can quickly fall apart if your calls are considered and therefore delivered as spam calls. As we move to an increasingly online marketplace for goods and services, many customer interactions must happen over devices instead of in person. The various points of contact throughout the purchasing lifecycle, from initial marketing contact to sales support interactions, should all enable your customers to connect successfully with you to make their purchasing process easy and efficient. 

It also means that retail businesses should focus some of their efforts and attention on improving the reputation of their phone numbers to protect themselves from being mislabeled as spam. If they don’t, calls with continue to go unanswered, and business opportunities will keep getting missed, all while tarnishing the experience customers will start associating with your brand.

Optimization Impacts on Retail Businesses

In the fast-paced world of retail, effective communication is paramount for optimizing operations, ensuring customer satisfaction, and driving sales. Creating seamless "phygital" connections, combining the best elements of digital experiences with the physical world, requires immediacy, convenience, personalization, immersion, and interaction. Phone calls to customers play a vital role in achieving this connection. Our analysis shows that an average of 25% of a company’s phone numbers are typically at risk of being mislabeled as spam or scam, harming many aspects of business operations and targets. This means it’s probably happening to you, and you just don’t know about it yet. 

Retail personnel often keep detailed call logs for reaching out to customers about various aspects of their purchases, like stock availability, shipment updates, answering product inquiries, informing customers about warranties, service requests, and delivery notifications. But when calls are mislabeled or blocked, it leads to a loss of efficiency when they have to catch up on calls and orders while creating customer dissatisfaction when they aren’t served promptly, hindering the smooth customer process that retailers strive for. 

A spam label can impact more than your customers but your vendors and even your own staff. This is especially true when anticipating high-volume periods like major sales and popular shopping holidays when you need to recruit and hire in time to handle the influx of business. Worrying about hiring enough employees in time isn’t a concern you want to have overlap with the busy days ahead. Instead, you can set yourself and your business up for success by addressing your spam or scam labels so you can ensure you’re able to hire new staff members and know that you’re set up to deliver any necessary phone calls to close sales and have a successful season. 

Pesky spam labels can also lead to the dreaded game of phone tag when you have to keep trying to call and reach your customers. Not only is this operationally a mess to keep up with, but at a certain point, you may find yourself having to give up, missing out on a portion of sales that may go to competitors, and hindering your chances of a customer returning to shop with you. As one of the last touchpoints needed in the sales process, why ruin your chances when you’ve come this far? 

What You Can Do

Quick fixes won’t cut it. The best way to approach your call blocking and labeling issues is by starting with your identity. This is where Numeracle comes in. We pioneered a solution that prioritizes what we call your calling identity so that when you register your phone numbers with us, the carriers and analytics know that the calls you’re making are coming from a trusted source. Customers are more likely to pick up, and your brand won’t be associated with negative keywords like spam or scam anymore. 

We do this by vetting and validating your identity with your phone numbers to vastly improve the reputation of your numbers and keep calls protected by up to 97%. On the remaining 3% of numbers that could still become mislabeled, the only way to fix spam labels is through a validated remediation process, like the one we offer, that disputes the label at the carrier level to get it removed from your phone numbers. Once spam, scam, or fraud labels are identified and remediated, most businesses see improvements in their contact rates averaging from 1-5%, with outliers seeing upwards of 20-30% increases post-remediation, significantly impacting positive ROI. 

Learn more about how Numeracle helped improve sales calls for MarketWise Solutions

By actively managing and improving your calling reputation, it protects your brand identity and perception while enhancing communication with your customers so you can return to the business that matters. Now you can keep calling your customers with confidence, knowing that your numbers are protected now that the spam labels are gone.

Enhanced Brand Identity for an Improved Customer Experience

Once you’ve removed any spam labels from harming your phone numbers, you can take your calls one step further by attaching branded elements, like caller ID names, company logos, and custom call reasons. Adding and presenting a branded call to your customer further reinforces trust in your brand while creating a memorable customer experience and leaving a positive impression when you call. 

Download our Branded Calling Case Study

Branded calling reinforces brand recognition and helps to create a stronger brand image. The more frequently a customer sees a brand's name and logo, the more likely they are to remember it and associate it with positive experiences. It can also help differentiate your business from competitors. Having a clear and distinct identity and brand personality can make it easier for potential buyers to understand what sets your business apart from others in the market. 

Get Started

By taking proactive measures to overcome call labeling challenges, retail businesses can create seamless customer experiences, drive sales, and foster long-term success in the dynamic world of retail. Don’t wait and miss out on sales opportunities. Reach out to us today for a free demo and consultation to find out if your calls are ringing through as spam. Your brand identity must be protected in every channel, so don’t overlook your phone calls. It could be a pitfall for your business if you don’t take the time to prioritize the strategy behind your phone calls.

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