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Sarah Delphey Joins Numeracle as Vice President of Trust Solutions

August 1, 2022 9:00 AM

McLean, Va., Aug. 1, 2022 – Numeracle Inc. (“Numeracle” or the “Company”), the pioneer of Verified Identity™ for communications, today announced Sarah Delphey has joined the Company as Vice President of Trust Solutions.

With a decade of experience in risk mitigation and customer policy creation, Sarah joins Numeracle to lead the creation of the Company’s customer due diligence strategy and trust solutions in collaboration with its product and client engagement teams. In her role, she will focus on expanding Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ platform through enhanced Know Your Customer (“KYC”) toolsets and drive digital identity innovation to enhance trust in customer communications. 

“It is obvious what is most needed within the telecom industry today are ways to identify trustworthy callers,” said Pierce Gorman, Distinguished Member of the Numeracle Technical Staff. “I look forward to working with Sarah to develop tools that make trusted identity information available to providers and consumers of all types of communications channels so that a caller’s reputation can be established, known, and trusted.”

“It is incredibly exciting to join Numeracle and further its rich history of innovation in enterprise identity and trusted communications,” said Sarah Delphey, VP of Trust Solutions, Numeracle. "Communications providers and platforms are faced with the challenging mission of concurrently scaling business processes while enhancing understanding of customers and traffic. Finding the resources and expertise to build solutions or navigate systems in-house can be incredibly costly for service providers and callers, with upkeep quickly taking over operations and development calendars as the pace of change continues to increase. I am very excited to see Numeracle respond to these dynamics with the creation of a role dedicated to working with partners across the industry to build scalable and effective solutions to restore consumer trust in communications."

“Introducing the first role in the industry focused on trust solutions for communications, Sarah’s passion and pioneering efforts in this space will lead our team to define and maintain KYC policies to drive U.S. and global adoption of new entity verification standards,” said Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle. “A well-respected, visionary in this field, we’re honored to welcome Sarah to Numeracle’s leadership team, and look forward to solving ongoing entity verification challenges together by engaging with industry groups, wireless carriers, federal regulators, and lawmakers.”

Prior to joining Numeracle, Ms. Delphey served most recently as Director, Abuse and Risk Operations at Bandwidth Inc. where she was responsible for driving overall fraud and risk management strategies and customer lifecycle management as well as leading the Fraud, Risk, and Campaign Support teams. 

For more information on Numeracle’s mission to return trust and transparency to communications, visit

About Numeracle
Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) platform enables service and platform providers to manage the identity of end entities and implement Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to outbound communications. KYC identity vetting and verification is the cornerstone of the platform; developed in support of evolving federal regulations and telecom standards. Leveraging entity identity, EIM is used to associate Verified Identity™ to outbound communications, manage branded presentation across the wireless network, deliver blocking and labeling prevention and remediation, visibility to number reputation, and more, to support service and platform provider requirements to empower wanted communications while monitoring for and blocking the illegal. For more information, visit

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