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Overcoming Spam Labeling: How Numeracle Empowered MarketWise Calls

A Testimonial on Enhancing Brand Reputation and Unlocking Opportunities with a Managed Service
Written by
MarketWise Solutions
Published on
May 31, 2023

Credit: MarketWise Solutions

Here at MarketWise Solutions, we began to fall into the same boat as a lot of other legal businesses that started to get mislabeled as spam callers when federal regulations tightened on the carriers to use analytics engines to blanket-label phone calls. Because of this, we started to see fewer successful call connections to our existing customers despite the fact that our dialing methods and reasons for calling hadn’t changed. 

It seems we got swept up by algorithms that were incorrectly labeling our calls as spam. We would receive feedback from our sales reps reporting that our customers would pick up the phone but then say that the call was surprisingly ringing through as spam, even though it wasn’t a spam call. We knew there wasn’t anything we could do about it because it's the carriers who label calls and not something we have direct control over. How could we make a sale if we couldn't get the person to answer the phone call in the first place?

We also make scheduled customer service calls that were also being mislabeled, but we noticed higher improper spam tagging rates on our sales calls. It's hard enough to get someone to pick up the phone nowadays if they don't recognize the phone number, but once you add an incorrect 'spam risk' label to it, it's next to impossible to get someone to answer the phone, especially if you're trying to make a sale. 

We knew this wasn’t something we could fix internally overnight, so we initially thought it was the carriers we had to go to, but we didn't have a direct line to them. As the problem grew and we received more complaints, we began searching for external solutions. Still, we found that many solution providers either didn't have relationships with all of the carriers or they didn't seem like a cost-effective solution for us to invest in. 

And then we found Numeracle and thought it was too good to be true. Right after our first demo call, we knew Numeracle was exactly what we were looking for as a managed service dedicated to helping businesses negatively impacted by carrier analytics and algorithms to help us with our reputation management at a reasonable price. We've been partnered with Numeracle for over a year and haven't had any issues since establishing our Verified Identity (as well as the identities of the brands we represent). The process has been simple and completely managed. 

It's pretty rare that we even have to reach out to Numeracle because if a number gets improperly marked as spam one week, the next week's report shows us it’s already been successfully resolved. We only reach out as needed because the platform and service are truly easy to use and do so much for us. They make their solution hands-off for us because they essentially do everything for us; even the billing process is easy. 

With the positive feedback and improvements in contact rates, we soon invested in their branded calling solution. It's pretty self-explanatory; you'll have a better chance of getting someone on the phone if your number isn't being mislabeled as spam, but having your company show up with branding is another level of improvement for getting people to pick up the phone. 

It would’ve taken so much time, resources, and staffing for us to try and deal with any spam labeling issues on our own or submitting requests directly with the carriers; it’s too slow and too much to manage individually. But with Numeracle, we get quick responses and quick fixes. It’s so convenient to receive the weekly spam labeling and branding reports, quickly review them, and then move on with my business with the peace of mind that my numbers are being protected. 

“Numeracle is just doing everything right, and we just know it’s working. They’re going to bat for us, and they make sure they’re going to bat for the right people.” 

This testimonial was provided to Numeracle by MarketWise as part of a continuous improvement reputation management program. MarketWise publishes intelligent, independent, insightful, and in-depth investment research that empowers our subscribers to become progressively better investors and managers of their financial future. To learn more, please visit

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