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Rebuilding Trust in Healthcare Calls During Open Enrollment

Navigating the Challenges and Implementing Solutions for Effective Healthcare Communication
Written by
Sarah Blantz, Marketing Coordinator
Published on
December 14, 2023

You are a dedicated healthcare professional, working tirelessly to ensure your patients' well-being. You make a priority call during open enrollment, a time when healthcare decisions hang in the balance. Instead of a warm reception, you're met with doubt, hesitation, and possibly even frustration. Why? Because your call is just another potential threat in a time riddled with relentless scams and fraud.

The growing distrust in healthcare calls, amplified during open enrollment, has become a painful reality for healthcare providers. Patients, understandably cautious about sharing personal information over the phone, often hesitate to pick up or even dismiss legitimate healthcare calls. To add to this challenge, the calls you make with the best intentions are often mislabeled as spam or scam lost in the sea of telemarketing and fraudulent schemes.

In this landscape of heightened suspicion and rampant scams, the very foundation of healthcare communication faces a severe test. Healthcare professionals are caught in a challenging scenario where ensuring patient well-being extends beyond medical expertise to overcoming barriers in trust and communication. This struggle is emblematic of a larger issue in healthcare delivery, where the integrity of communication is as crucial as the care itself.

Open Enrollment: The Perfect Storm for Skepticism

Open enrollment is a time of high stakes in the healthcare industry. It's a period when patients are making significant determinations about their health coverage for the year ahead. However, this critical time also presents an opportunity for ill-intentioned actors to take advantage of the situation.

As noted by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission), scammers, exploiting the confusion and urgency of the period, engage in deceptive practices such as spoofing legitimate insurance company numbers and offering fraudulent policies. The FCC's largest fine of $225 million in 2021 against Texas-based telemarketers for illegal robocalls illustrates the scale of this problem. These scams not only involve false offers and requests for personal information but also lead to identity theft and fraudulent billing.  

While it's challenging to pinpoint an exact percentage increase, the consensus is clear: healthcare-related scams become more prevalent during open enrollment, creating an ideal breeding ground for patient skepticism. This skepticism, while a natural response to the increasing number of scams, unfortunately extends to legitimate healthcare communications as well.

The Invisible Hurdle: Call Mislabeling in Healthcare Communication

In addition to the influx of scam calls during open enrollment, recent surveys reveal an unsettling trend: a significant percentage of legitimate healthcare calls are frequently being mislabeled as fraud. Though the exact figure varies from source to source, it's clear that this issue is widespread and disruptive.

For patients who've found themselves caught in this web of mislabeling, the consequences are far-reaching. Imagine a scenario where important healthcare information fails to reach patients promptly, resulting in missed appointments and delayed care. These setbacks carry profound implications, particularly for individuals managing chronic conditions or those requiring regular medical follow-ups.

Additionally, this mislabeling breeds patient frustration. Imagine waiting anxiously for a call from your healthcare provider, only to discover later that the call was mislabeled as spam, and you missed it. Such experiences have the power to erode trust in the healthcare system and foster a sense of vulnerability among patients.

Open enrollment is inherently a demanding time for healthcare professionals, marked by a surge in patient inquiries, policy updates, and administrative burdens. When compounded with the issues of call scams, patient reluctance, and mislabeling, the situation can seem almost unmanageable. And the truth is, in the face of such overwhelming challenges, going it alone is not just difficult; it's impractical.

Entity Identity Management™: The Comprehensive Solution to Healthcare Communication Challenges

Effective communication with patients and stakeholders is not just about conveying information; it's about ensuring confidence and reliability in every interaction. Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management™ solution is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges faced by healthcare organizations. It offers a suite of tools and technologies to protect and enhance your brand's identity, ensuring secure and trusted communication with patients. Key features include:

  • Verified Identity™: We have developed this essential Know Your Customer (KYC) process to make sure NO other unauthorized organizations or individuals can register phone numbers in your name for their own use.
  • Reputation Monitoring & Automatic Remediation: Ongoing visibility and auto-triggered remediation is part of our standard package. Our proprietary technology has been designed to remediate across every carrier ecosystem, and the best part? We handle it all for you. No intervention is needed on your end.

    In addition to this, our Number Check enhancement allows users to view actual screenshots of calls placed at the time of the check to confirm the display of identity (should that be clean or should that include labeling) in between regular Health Checks and weekly ratings refreshes.
  • A Smarter Way to Brand Your Calls: Combine Smart Branding™ with labeling protection and remediation for full control and flexibility to create campaigns mixing branded and non-branded clean numbers. Across all major wireless networks, consolidate approval of branded materials, configure multi-network campaigns in our self-service portal, complete revisions, additions, or extensions, and compare metrics side-by-side in one place instead of multiple. Develop the right balance of branded vs. non-branded calls to maximize ROI and keep premium branding costs down.
Click to Download our Branded Calling Case Study in partnership with Avantive Solutions
  • White Glove Onboarding and Ongoing Support: At Numeracle, we prioritize a personalized service approach, tailoring solutions to each client's unique needs. Our expert team is with you from onboarding, offering continuous support without overextending your resources. Our commitment includes regular health checks, strategic sessions, and active collaboration, ensuring not just to meet but anticipate your needs, be it in best practice guidance, troubleshooting, or strategic planning. We're dedicated to being your supportive partner throughout the journey.

The Road Ahead: Building Trust through Comprehensive Strategies

Rebuilding trust in healthcare calls requires a comprehensive, multi-faceted strategy. By adopting such an approach, healthcare providers can not only mitigate the challenges posed by scams and mislabeling but also enhance their service delivery, improve patient satisfaction, and ultimately, provide superior healthcare outcomes.

Visit our website or contact our team to learn more about Entity Identity Management™ and how it can revolutionize your healthcare communications.

If you or someone you care about believes that you've fallen prey to a healthcare enrollment scam, it's crucial to act swiftly. Your first step should be to alert law enforcement authorities to ensure the incident is thoroughly investigated. Next, you can contribute to broader efforts against such fraud by reporting your experience to the Federal Trade Commission at and filing a complaint with the FCC Consumer Complaint Center.

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