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A Reminder to Rethink Number Rotation Solutions

Proactive Versus Reactive Approaches to Phone Number “Baggage”
Written by
Mary Gonzalez, Brand & Content Manager
Published on
July 27, 2023

In the shifting landscape of outbound communications, many enterprises and call centers are misled to believe that frequently recycling their phone numbers will protect them from improper spam labeling events. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. This so-called solution involves a lot of active management that can quickly get you flagged with the FCC for suspicious behavior that looks similar to how illegal robocallers dial consumers. 

Number rotation or recycling involves constantly swapping “bad” numbers with supposedly “good” ones. It’s a tempting solution, but one that comes with significant drawbacks that ultimately won’t solve your call blocking or spam labeling issues. The truth is most phone numbers, whether they’re considered new or old, have a history. 

Call analytics and blocking solutions rely partly on analyzing the reputation of phone numbers displayed in the caller ID field, and number rotation makes it more difficult for the analytics providers to track call campaigns. What these number rotation services miss is that poor number reputation develops quickly due to inconsistent dialing practices.

Number Rotation: A Reactive Approach

Number “Baggage” 

Many newly purchased phone numbers still come with a lot of baggage from previous users and owners, frequently in the form of spam or scam labels or with FCC Consumer Complaints against them. Acquiring a “new” phone number may lead you to believe it’s “clean” or free of spam labels. Unfortunately, that new number can still cause your low contact rates, distrust in your brand, and create further costs to have those swapped out because it already has, or is highly susceptible to, a “scam likely” label because it has negative baggage associated with it already. 

A Temporary Solution

Number rotation seems like a quick fix to avoid “bad” phone numbers that aren’t producing high answer rates due to an improper label like spam or scam. But it’s merely a band-aid solution that fails to address the root cause of the problem: the fact that the spam label shouldn’t be there to begin with. Because this method doesn’t prioritize your calling identity, spam labels will stay on those numbers, leading to a never-ending cycle of number rotation that demands constant attention and repurchasing costs. 

Customer Disruption

For businesses relying on phone numbers as a crucial point of contact with their customers, number rotation can be a highly disruptive practice. Changing numbers frequently can confuse clients, resulting in missed opportunities and reduced customer satisfaction. If these phone numbers are tied to your efforts to build brand recognition, you may be further undermined when customers struggle to keep track of the constantly changing numbers calling them. 

Data Loss & Operational Overhead

Rotating numbers can also lead to the loss of valuable historical data associated with previous numbers that could have provided valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences. Constantly monitoring and replacing numbers demands significant operational efforts and costs for your team. This time-consuming task could be better spent on other critical business activities. 

Identity Management: A Proactive Approach

Instead of resorting to number rotation, the key to healthy numbers is to identify potential issues before they become problematic by protecting the calling identity and the phone numbers associated with that caller. Rather than employ avoidant dialing practices that easily flag you as a potentially suspicious caller, verifying and registering your phone numbers with a trusted identity keeps your numbers protected in an ongoing fashion so you don’t have to keep purchasing and managing new ones. 

By starting with a vetted identity, you can register all your phone numbers via Numeracle’s Entity Identity Management platform and go through an initial round of cleanup that will remediate any improper labels on your phone numbers, whether new or old. You’ll still be able to swap, rest, delete, or rotate your phone numbers as you see fit, but you won’t have to worry about purchasing whole new sets of numbers to avoid spam labels. From there, you can monitor the health of your phone numbers, and if any new labels are attached to your calls, correcting them is just a click away, so you can keep calling with confidence. 

By effectively protecting phone numbers, customers can be reassured that communications are secure and interrupted, building trust and a positive reputation for the callers’ brand.

Our Commitment to Protect Your Numbers

While there are some valid reasons for companies to obtain new phone numbers and get rid of old ones, relying solely on number recycling as an action to address call labeling is expensive, a poor use of resources, and gives call recipients no ability to establish trust in a calling party’s identity.  

We understand the significance of phone numbers in your business operations and branding efforts and how number rotation is a suboptimal strategy that can lead to more problems than it solves. Our monitoring and correcting capabilities can help you identify potential issues before they escalate, proactively ensuring a seamless experience when dialing customers. 

Embracing proactive number protection measures strengthens your brand identity and builds trust and confidence with your customers; let’s embrace a future of secure and reliable communication. Contact us to learn more about how our expertise can complement your services and benefit your clientele.

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