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Why are My Numbers Being Labeled as Spam?

An Updated Look on Call Blocking and Labeling Analytics post-STIR/SHAKEN
Written by
Mary Gonzalez, Brand & Content Manager
Molly Weis, VP of Marketing & Comms
Published on
January 24, 2023

By now, we’ve all seen phone calls land on our phones with tags like ‘Spam Likely,’ ‘Potential Scam,’ or ‘Fraud.’ What you may not know is that it could be your phone calls that are getting labeled when you dial your customers. Businesses are largely unaware of how their calling identity is being transmitted, displayed, and understood by their consumers and clients.

If you’re a business using outbound voice communications to connect with your customers, subscribers, patients, etc., these improper labels could be displayed on their devices when the phone rings. Or worse, your calls are being blocked altogether. 

Where did this come from?

You can attribute the rise in improper call blocking and labeling events to the growth in robocalls we have seen in the past few years. While much has been done to combat them from plaguing consumers, a definitive solution hasn’t been found yet, so robocalls have continued to annoy and intrude on consumers. 

When the FCC began to fight against the growth of these calls, a new wave of call blocking and labeling technologies deployed via app and at the carrier-level had many unintended consequences on legal call originators. Many businesses and industries have suffered unintentional drops in contact rates and customer engagement; we were all left struggling to find a solution.

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Finding a solution is challenging because of the discrepancies in how call blocking and labeling are established and perceived across the network. No two service providers or analytics engines are perceiving your identity, your numbers, or the way you’re using your numbers in the same way.

What you can do

Quick fixes won’t cut it. The best way to approach call blocking and labeling issues is by starting with identity. First, verify your ownership and compliant use of your numbers across the carrier network, including the analytics engines labeling your calls as Spam or Scam. This is where we come in. 

We pioneered a solution that prioritizes your calling identity so that every phone number you register with us is verified as a trusted calling source. We do this through our Know Your Customer-based assessment, which decisively concludes that you have been vetted and validated to be who you say you are. 

Based on our analysis of phone numbers used across various industries conducting outbound calls, we’ve identified that an average of 25% of a business’s phone numbers are typically at risk for improper call labeling. The only way to fix it is through a validated remediation process, like the one we offer, that disputes the label at the carrier level to get it removed from your phone numbers. Now you can keep calling confidently, knowing that your numbers are protected now that spam labeling barriers are gone. 

Take it to the next level

Once you have taken care of your call reputation issues, you can take your calls one step further by attaching branded elements, like caller ID names and company logos, to your outbound phone calls. Adding and presenting more vetted caller information to consumers further reinforces trust in your calling identity and your brand reputation, which can increase the success of your calling campaigns.

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If you’re interested in removing the roadblocks to getting your calls delivered, reach out to one of our experts and see why over 450 businesses trust us with their calling identity.

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