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The True Cost of “Real-Time” Monitoring

When ‘Real’ May Not Be So ‘Real’ Afterall
Written by
Mary Gonzalez, Brand & Content Manager
Sarah Blantz, Marketing Coordinator
Published on
May 26, 2023

So you get word from your customers that your calls are delivering with a ”Spam Likely” tag by one carrier and as “Potential Scam” by another, even though they’re not spam calls. Where do you start? How do you know it’s getting fixed? 

Shopping around for a solution to improve call delivery KPIs means there’s a fair amount of slicing and dicing of misinformation you need to do to figure out what you’re really getting. One of the biggest misconceptions we hear a lot today is the promise of “real-time” data monitoring. What does that actually mean, and how real-time is it?

The short answer is unless you’re paying an astronomical amount of money for a solution that offers real-time monitoring of your phone numbers, you’re probably not getting what you think you signed up for. How do we know? Numeracle did the math, and we launched our own on-demand data solution to monitor the delivery of phone numbers registered on our platform in addition to our usual number remediation capabilities to correct improper spam or scam labeling.

We Did the Math

Here’s how a full-reach, real-time monitoring solution works and should cost: 

So what’s the jargon?

If over a million dollars is the true cost for a real-time number monitoring solution for just one month across 1,000 phone numbers and providers on the market are positioning it as an “affordable” solution, you have to start questioning what you’re really getting from them. Do they have insights into a full network reach? How “real-time” is this data, and where are they getting it from if they can offer it for such a low price? 

If you’re going to spend and overpay for high-end fees for a monitoring solution, wouldn’t you want more capabilities than just insight into which numbers are labeled? Why not have the ability to actually do something about it? Be wary of jargon terminology when you hear “automatic” remediation or the “automatic fixing” of your spam labels. 

Automatic remediation claims made by others in the market may sound enticing, but you should approach them cautiously. The carrier ecosystem's review of remediation requests is far from a direct access "speedway." Human intervention is required as each request undergoes individual review and approval. The promised automation falls short, leaving individuals to navigate a complex and time-consuming process. Where we can take that human intervention away, however, is by our ability to remove the burden from you and place it on to us. 

On-Demand Number Check

We understand the challenges of remediation firsthand and offer an aggregated solution that simplifies spam labeling and improper identity display concerns through our core product: Number Reputation Management. With the introduction of our cutting-edge Number Check add-on feature, we’re now delivering additional proactive measures to ensure accurate identity presentation across all the major wireless carriers between our regular dashboard updates and Number Health Check reporting cycles.

Number Check provides visual confirmation of identity for any phone numbers registered in our Entity Identity Management platform by making a real phone call to capture call delivery information on-demand. If any improper spam labels are flagged, or you notice any inaccurate display of your calling information, our dedicated team reviews all number ratings and submits remediation requests to the carrier ecosystem for flagged numbers on your behalf. Oh, and you can check your Smart Branding-enabled phone numbers too. 

Unlike monitoring-only solutions, Numeracle's Number Check is an add-on service to our core Number Reputation Management solution designed to alleviate the burden of manual monitoring and checking all day long. We’re not making phone calls all day long and charging you the monitoring fees; we’re letting you make real phone calls for on-demand spot-checks of your phone numbers when you need it most. And when those spot-checks identify an issue, it’s off to remediate we go.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

By adding on and leveraging Number Check, you can trust that Numeracle's team diligently monitors and verifies identity presentations on your behalf. Our proactive approach ensures that any labeling errors are swiftly addressed without requiring your direct interaction. By activating the Number Check feature, you can increase your peace of mind and focus on your core activities while leaving any remediation needed in our capable hands.

In a landscape cluttered with promises of automatic remediation, it's vital to distinguish between hype and true innovation. Numeracle's Number Check add-on revolutionizes the way identity verification is handled across the wireless ecosystem. By providing visual confirmation of identity presentation with a direct pathway through our team to engaging the remediation process, we empower you to take control of your identity presentation without the burden of manual monitoring. Trust Numeracle's Number Check to streamline the verification process, enabling you to maintain accurate labeling effortlessly. Experience a new level of efficiency and peace of mind with Numeracle as your partner in identity management.

Whether you’re already a current customer or you’re new here and looking to learn more about a number reputation management solution, reach out to us and get set up with one of our experts.

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