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Enhance your brand and increase customer confidence with rich call data (RCD) call branding technologies
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branded calling with Rich Call Data

Display Caller Name, Logo, and More

From Scam to Unknown to Instantly recognizable, add Rich Call Data to your calls
Take your calls all the way from Spam or Scam labeled - to unknown - to instantly recognizable branding via RCD (rich call data) enhanced call display.
  • Instant recognition that reinforces trust in your brand
  • Increase contact rates and the likelihood of callbacks
Display your brand name and logo across wireless devices and networks
Branded Calling Solution Displays across Numeracle's Branded Partner Network
  • Via Numeracle's Branding Partner Network, we can extend your caller ID name, logo, and call reason to multiple wireless networks, apps, and devices
  • By managing your branded assets all in one place, via the Numeracle platform, we can extend our partners' leading-edge technologies directly to you, with the logistics managed by us
customer engagement & connectivity
Increase Conversion Rates with Branded Calling
Increase Conversion Rates
Whether you're a bank trying to reach a customer, or a pharmacy trying to reach a patient, ensure your calls are answered and complete successful calls.
Reduce connect costs with branded calling
Reduce Costs
Implementing a solution that increases connect, callback, and conversion rates helps you reduce the number of missed appointments and prevent missed oppotunities.
Personalize and enhance your brand relationship with branded calling
Personalize & Enhance
Enhance your relationship with your customers and called parties by restoring trust in your brand with the recognition of your logo alongside the addition of tailored call reasons and up-to-date branded calling.
Protect your brand with branded calling
Protect Your Brand
Maintain control over how your company is represented. For further peace of mind, engage in brand monitoring surveillance to ensure your brand won't be impersonated and your calls won't be spoofed via our partner, YouMail.
working together to extend branding capabilities

Numeracle's Branding Partner Network

RCD flow
How many consumers are able to see branded calling elements?

Reach, Presentation Layers, and Elements

RCD Reach
Percentage % of Influence a brand can for caller name display or logo display on either landline and mobile carriers that is currently available
Landline phone
  • Allows for Caller ID name information sourced from a CNAM database by the terminating carrier
  • Cannot display Rich Call Data elements like logos
Mobile Phone
Wireless Devices
  • Call presentation depends on the device (iOS versus Android), downloaded applications, and subscriber network
  • The percentage of this influence is based on the third-party branding partner for the wireless carrier, mobile application, and device
  • Brands will be able to display the Caller Name for the call in the call history log
  • 100% of iOS devices will receive the Caller Name from the AT&T network
  • Apple is not supporting graphic RCD at this time
  • Verified checkmark to be displayed in call history only
  • ~85% of Android Devices will receive the Caller Name only from the network
  • ~15% will received full graphics display through 3rd apps or phone dialer, such as Google Phone
  • “Caller Verified” will be displayed based on device and carrier
Subject to device, carrier, and solution, there are different branded elements that you are able to add and manage for different campaigns
  • Add Caller ID Name, branded logo, and a custom reason for calling to your called parties
  • The most widely available data field to present is Caller ID Name
Rich Call Data Elements for branded calling include Logo, Caller ID Name, and Custom Call Reason
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