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Industry veteran, Joe Galvin, joins Numeracle as the VP of Client Engagement
Written by
Molly Weis, VP Marketing & Communications
Published on
May 8, 2019

As Numeracle continues to advocate on behalf of the call originator, continuously extending our reach to ensure the perspective of the legal, wanted caller is heard, it couldn’t be with more excitement that we announce the addition of the newest team member to join in our mission.

Meet Joe Galvin

Call center expert and well-known industry visionary, Joe Galvin, has joined Numeracle this week in the position of Vice President of Client Engagement. In this role, Joe will be driving business development, client services, and success management.

As a seasoned call center executive, with a successful career spanning 30+ years, and member of the Board of Directors of Professional Association for Customer Engagement, Joe’s big-picture vision, leadership, and tenacity to take on tough challenges makes him an unbeatable ally for all the call originator organizations Numeracle was established to support, defend, and advance.

Recognized for his ability to develop successful teams, processes, and projects, Joe will be working closely with Numeracle’s clients to understand their unique challenges in the current ecosystem and provide expert thought leadership, guidance, and problem-solving solutions to increase the effectiveness of their call center operations.

With his real-world experience optimizing call center operations for numerous call originator organizations throughout his career, Joe brings the first-hand ability to understand the challenges of improving call center KPIs and increasing the opportunities to connect with the consumer.

“The outbound telesales channel allows businesses to get extremely surgical in customer outreach — it’s like Special Forces. But it is under siege from well-intentioned but imperfect call labeling and blocking. I’m thrilled to join Numeracle and support the mission to restore trust in customer communications!” — Joe Galvin, VP Client Engagement, Numeracle

The Journey Continues

As Numeracle continues to gain traction in the industry and deliver actionable solutions to improve contact rates within this changing ecosystem, we know we wouldn’t be where we are today without the innovation, dedication, and leadership of an incredible team.

“Numeracle is on a mission that requires a team who is willing to fight for consumers and enterprises to have control and visibility over their channel of choice. Supporting our customers to ensure they fully realize the benefit of our services is a crucial element of our services. We are truly honored and humbled Joe has decided to pick up arms and join us to support our clients.” — Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle

We’re so thankful to have Joe in our ranks and look forward to our new chapter together introducing Joe’s energy, passion and zeal to the Numeracle mission.

For more information on Numeracle and our awesome team, check out our About Us page.

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