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Washington, DC-based Mindshare Selects Rebekah Johnson for its 2024 Cohort

May 1, 2024 8:00 AM

McLean, VA—May 1, 2024—Numeracle, Inc., (“Numeracle”) the pioneer of Verified Identity and Entity Identity Management for Communications, is proud to announce its inclusion in Mindshare, an exclusive organization designed especially for founders and CEOs of the innovative, disruptive companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Founded in 1997 with the mission to help founders and CEOs build long-term, sustainable companies, Mindshare connects select, handpicked founders and CEOs from some of the area’s hottest emerging companies, ultimately creating growth opportunities, and fostering collaboration in a collegial environment.  

“We are delighted to welcome Numeracle to this year’s class,” said Steve Balistreri, Treasurer of the Mindshare Organizing Board. “Each year, our Mindshare participants hail from some of the most innovative organizations in the DMV and this year’s class is certainly representative of the momentum and diversity we see in technology and product companies across this region.”

Mindshare received nearly 150 nominations for 2024, with 52 of those accepted into the final cohort.

"As a female founder, I understand the need for diverse perspectives and collaboration to drive meaningful change and foster both inclusive and rapid growth in an industry such as telecom,” said Rebekah Johnson, founder & CEO, Numeracle. “A trusted network of peers, advisors, and mentors like Mindshare’s acts as another advocate to Numeracle as we navigate the complexities that come with being first to market and disrupting the communications and identity landscape on a global scale.”

The newest Mindshare members will complete a series of classes, taught by notable speakers, on building a business as a founder or CEO. At the conclusion of the program, members with significant attendance and participation will graduate and join a powerful alumni network of more than 1,250 founders and CEOs.

The 2024 cohort members were welcomed by Ted Leonsis and the Mindshare Board at a kick-off event on March 8, 2024 at Capital One Arena.  

The Mindshare Board’s Executive Committee includes Harry Glazer of SPROCKIT; April Young; Steve Balistreri of MorganFranklin Consulting and Michael Lincoln and Katherine Ferguson, both of Cooley, LLP. Mindshare is supported by a board of industry veterans who are committed to building a strong ecosystem for success.  

About MindShare Founded in 1997, MindShare’s mission is to help founders and CEOs from the most promising technology and product companies in the Greater Washington Metropolitan region build long-term, sustainable companies by providing mentorship, creating business opportunities and a sense of community, and fostering teamwork in a collegial environment. Year after year, the founders and CEOs who graduate from MindShare reaffirm its enduring value through continued business opportunities and lasting friendships.

About Numeracle
Numeracle's Entity Identity Management™ (EIM) platform enables service and platform providers to manage the identity of end entities and implement Know Your Customer (KYC) policies to outbound communications. KYC identity vetting and verification is the cornerstone of the platform; developed in support of evolving federal regulations and telecom standards. Leveraging entity identity, EIM is used to associate Verified Identity™ to outbound communications, manage branded presentation across the wireless network, deliver blocking and labeling prevention and remediation, visibility to number reputation, and more, to support service and platform provider requirements to empower wanted communications while monitoring for and blocking the illegal. For more information, visit

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