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Actionable measures to manage your calling identity across branded communications.

Numeracle is returning trust and transparency to outbound calls so businesses can continue to communicate with their patients, members, prospects, and customers.

Through our Entity Identity Management™ platform, we’ve enabled hundreds of legal entities to prevent improper call blocking and Scam labeling and employ best practices to reduce Spam labeling.

By working with service providers like Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile, analytics companies, communications platform providers, and others, we provide visibility and management across the major stakeholders who have an effect on the way your communications are presented to consumers to give you control over your brand's presentation so you can improve contact rates.

VISIBILITY & CONTROL Solutions for legal callers
Entity Identity Management Platform
Verified Identity Solution

Verified Identity™

Establish your status as a Verified Identity™ through our compliance-based Know Your Customer process to vet and validate the legitimacy of your calling identity and establish trust in your brand.

Number Reputation Management Solution

Number Reputation

Register phone numbers across wireless carriers & analytics partners via our online portal to monitor potential improper labeling, take corrective action to improve brand reputation, and lift contact rates.

STIR/SHAKEN Solutions for Voice Service Providers

STIR/SHAKEN for Service Providers

The industry is now in the execution phases of STIR/SHAKEN deployment and Robocall Mitigation Plan fulfillment with service providers having the responsibility of vetting and validating the authenticity of the callers originating traffic on their networks.

Branded Calling Solution

Branded Calling

Extend rich call data assets like Caller ID Name, branded logo, and a custom call reason to calling campaigns to enhance customer relationships with your brand with instant recognition and give customers the confidence they need to answer your calls.

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Solutions in the News

Dealer Identity by Volie Launches; Platform Protects Dealership Outbound Calls from Being Mislabeled as Spam or Fraud

All-in-one solution labels, manages, and protects registered outbound phone numbers for up to a 15 percent increase in customer contact rates.
January 17, 2022

Numeracle and Avantive Solutions Release Branded Calling Case Study

Rich Call Data (RCD) Utilized to Improve Trust in Voice Communications
December 7, 2021

Numeracle Releases Part II of STIR/SHAKEN Implementation Report

Follow-up report analyzes implementation progress post September 28th Deadline
October 11, 2021
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