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Numeracle CCA 2024 Sessions: Solve KYC Challenges and Navigate Trust Frameworks

Numeracle and top industry experts tackle KYC and trust frameworks in 2 sessions at CCA Cloud Connections 2024.

April 17, 2024
St. Petersburg, FL
The Vinoy Resort and Golf Club
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Know Your Customer (KYC)
St. Petersburg, FL
Start Date
April 17, 2024

Join Numeracle at Cloud Connections 2024 for two insightful sessions on the forefront of Know Your Customer (KYC) solutions and building a trust framework for the evolving telecommunications landscape.

Establishing a Trust Framework: Best Practice Sharing for Business Identity Providers

Caller ID Service Providers! Engage in a dynamic breakout discussion led by Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO of Numeracle, and Gerry Christensen, Head of Partnerships and Regulatory Compliance at Caller ID Reputation. Explore best practices for creating a robust trust framework for B2C services, organization identity, and non-repudiation.


  • Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO, Numeracle
  • Gerry Christensen, Head of Partnerships and Regulatory Compliance, Caller ID Reputation.

Thursday | April 18 | 3:30pm EDT | Mirror Lake D

Know Your Customer: Unveiling CCA's Worldwide Best Practice Blueprint

Stay ahead of evolving KYC regulations and ensure compliance in a complex global landscape with Rebekah Johnson and Keith Buell. This session offers essential strategies for communications service providers, equipping you with the practical knowledge you need to streamline processes, mitigate risk, and protect your business.


  • Rebekah Johnson, Founder & CEO
  • Keith Buell, General Counsel & Head of Global Public Policy

Friday | April 19 | 11:15am EDT | Palm Court Ballroom

This is your chance to learn from the best and position your business for success in a trust-driven telecom world!


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